Links to Friends

To all my special friends included here, we can make this page our semi-private chatroom by way of the comments form.

WP Writers Group http://<a href="http://
A Connection to my Heart
MusEditions -
Computer Savvy’s Weblog -

MissUnderstood -

What’s on my PC -

Robert G. Longpre -

MindStorm -

NightAbove -
David Spira
Gryphon -
Lori78 -
Positive LEO

Tom Darby

More power to you all!

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10 Responses to Links to Friends

  1. lori78 says:

    Dear Poch,

    Need ur help! How do u post a video from youtube? Used to be I just click share.


  2. lori78 says:

    Poch, what happen to gryphon? Can’t view his blog anymore, something about being invited first!


  3. lori78 says:

    Hey Poch, just dropping by para lang magparamdam hehe…Need to catch up with my writing, I know. Anyway, eto kinukumusta ka. Hope ur ok. Belated happy christmas and merry new year! :-)


  4. Remy "Se7en" says:

    Dear Poch,

    I need your new e-mail address.

    Later dayz,

    Remy (Editor-in-chief -CSW-)


    • pochp says:

      Dear Remy,
      Glad to hear from you! Sorry if you used my Yahoo mail. It just stopped working
      and I had no idea where to retrieve all my contact addresses. Just imagine my
      distress. My primary address now is pochsp at gmail dot com. Later.


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