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Vanishing Firstborns by Terms and Conditions

Brits Unwittingly Give Up Firstborns for Free WiFi ‘Security experiment uses ‘Herod clause’ to show vulnerabilities in public hot spots A handful of Londoners in some of the capital’s busiest districts unwittingly agreed to give up their eldest child, during … Continue reading

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How the Secret Service ‘Bungled’ White House Shooting

Agency didn’t even know White House had been hit I don’t believe the intruder succeeded. I think the incident was staged to send Obama a message. ‘…Then came an order that surprised some of the officers. “No shots have been … Continue reading

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The One Laptop Per Child Documentary [Video]

‘The micro and macro threads that WEB follows make it a fascinating film. Interviews with academics, technologists and entrepreneurs tackle the subject on an intellectual level, while watching the excitement of the children as they start using their laptops adds … Continue reading

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Hero Stops Assailant After Beheading Co-worker [Video]

‘…Shortly after Nolen stormed out of the human resources office, an employee had telephoned the on-site office of Mark Vaughan, the company’s chief operating officer, telling Vaughan that Nolen was out of control. ‘Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy sheriff, … Continue reading

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Who Says Google and Apple are Pro-NSA?

FBI Doesn’t Like iOS 8 and Android Encryption Features ‘Apple and Google are both touting new security features inside iOS 8 and Android L. The former makes it much harder for authorities to gain access to parts of your phone, … Continue reading

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Primitive Retro-Hair Trend

Notice the hair? Same as the teen trend now isn’t it? That man was a tribal head-hunter during the 1940s. Add the ‘caveman’ short pants which is below the knees and the trend now too and we have primitives and … Continue reading

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What’s behind Eric Holder’s resignation? [Video]

An omen for Obama? ‘Today, Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation. Is he leaving by choice, or was he forced out due to his statement about ground troops in Syria? ‘President Obama declared that the offensive would be conducted … Continue reading

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