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Is MH17 Journo Guilty of Tainting Crime (Crash) Scene?

Australian Journalist Criticised for Touching MH17 Victims’ Belongings ‘Following allegations that pro-Russian rebels may have “severely compromised” the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine, journalists have been caught touching victims’ belongings. ‘Williams defended his actions by … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Impacts of Social Media

It don’t need to take social networks to cause a global pandemic. Just smartphones alone can do that ‘While there are several reasons for using social networking, it appears that its main function is for increased contact with friends and … Continue reading

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Why You Get Unfriended on Facebook

I rarely unfriend a friend or acquaintance in FB but I do—when a user posts nothing but family matters and fav subject that never changes. So if I unfriend you, be assured it’s nothing malicious ‘…Sibona searches Twitter for mentions … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

Bridge made with their own bodies They have only a few simple rules for building complex structures ‘…The researchers discovered three main rules: The ants picked up grains at a constant rate, approximately 2 grains per minute; they preferred to … Continue reading

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Anger Issues

Guns. Sex. Serious brain damage ‘These are just a few words being tossed into this summary to entice you to watch in as our heroes recount their most anger-filled client anecdotes. ‘We’d like to extend a massive thank you to … Continue reading

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