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Ex Security Service Director ‘Ignored security advice’

Pierson Wanted Secret Service ‘More Like Disney’: Staff ‘…Pierson was elevated to the top spot 18 months ago to put an end to business as usual, after a dozen agents were implicated in a night of carousing with prostitutes in … Continue reading

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Why Cops Want Your Mobile Phone Data

London’s Future Crime Hot Spots Predicted Using Mobile Phone Data ‘Here’s how it works. The current systems rely on data such as crime statistics and local demographics. The problem with these statistics is that they are difficult and expensive to … Continue reading

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Are You Working with the Right Energy Level?

‘”We have over 15 years of research from hundreds of thousands of individuals showing that optimizing and directing energy positively drives high performance and growth,” Welbourne said in a statement. ‘Welbourne said working above your best energy level is counterproductive … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Is Real and Scary

‘…I asked Paulina if this was the first time she had experienced such a thing. She shook her head and said it happened every now and then. When I was a little girl, I told her, it would happen to … Continue reading

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How Can 2 Die Saving One Same Phone?

Why you shouldn’t use hi-tech gadgets at primitive facilities 2 Die Trying to Save Phone That Fell Into Toilet ‘Two people died and three were injured after wading into a cesspool’s knee-deep filth in an attempt to retrieve a woman’s … Continue reading

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Can NBA Ban a Team Owner?

April 30 Update NBA Bars Clippers Owner Donald Sterling for Life My suggestion: All the black players should unite and demand Sterling’s firing. If Sterling refuse, all the black players should resign. Would Sterling dare to have an all-white team? … Continue reading

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Fingerprinting Almost Like DNA Testing Now

Fingerprints can reveal gender, drug use, what was recently eaten ‘Police departments around the world have been using fingerprint analysis to identify suspects since the late nineteenth century, but even today’s modern technology can’t reconstruct a smudged print. The patterns … Continue reading

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