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No Individuality of Social Networks? So What?

In the article ‘The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks’ by Selena Larson, she claims the individuality of social networks doesn’t stand out just because the cover photo styles of Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn all look the same like Facebook’s. And … Continue reading

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Is Web Browsing Copyright Infringement?

Publishers claim so but the EU Court of Justice says no ‘Europeans may browse the Internet without fear of infringing copyrights, as the EU Court of Justice ruled Thursday in a decision that ends a four-year legal battle threatening the … Continue reading

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How Your Digital Screen Messes Your Sleep

How Your Smartphone Messes with Your Brain ‘…it is the specific type of light from that screen that is throwing off your natural sleep-wake cycles, even after you power down. In a new video from Reactions: Everyday Chemistry, a sleep … Continue reading

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Asimov’s Astonishing 1964 Predictions

A closer look at Asimov’s World’s Fair of 2014 reveals that his crystal ball was shockingly clear “Communications will become sight-sound and you will see as well as hear the person you telephone.” We call that video-conferencing today ‘It is … Continue reading

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4 Password Change Requests to Block Heartbleed

That’s how many I received so far from just one email service. I didn’t ignore the one from an email provider (and will not ignore others). You shouldn’t too U.S. Regulators Warn Banks About Heartbleed Bug ‘U.S. financial regulators expect … Continue reading

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