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Dad’s Gaming Addiction Kills Another Baby

This is the second incident from Korea ‘South Korean police have arrested a 22-year-old unemployed man in the North Gyeongsang Province for allegedly leaving his 28-month son at home to starve to death while he played online computer games at … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants

Bridge made with their own bodies They have only a few simple rules for building complex structures ‘…The researchers discovered three main rules: The ants picked up grains at a constant rate, approximately 2 grains per minute; they preferred to … Continue reading

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A Giant Leap to Reverting to Youth

Scientists at Edinburgh University have successfully persuaded an organ to regenerate inside an animal ‘…We demonstrate that the regenerated organ closely resembles the juvenile thymus in terms of architecture and gene expression profile, and further show that this FOXN1-mediated regeneration … Continue reading

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Should Unethical People be Allowed to use Mobile Phones?

Using mobiles is just like using Twitter. It could lead to conflict in romantic relationships, which in turn leads to other relationship issues like emotional or physical cheating, breakup, and even divorce. That is if the users are without etiquette … Continue reading

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WiFi Phone-charging and Triple Speed

Students Discover How To Use Wi-Fi to Charge Cell Phones ‘In the future, cell phones will charge on air. We’re almost there, thanks to the genius engineering students who figured out how to charge cell phones with a Wi-Fi signal. … Continue reading

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