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100 Millionth Philippine Baby Welcome?

Why do that? It seems this child will be another one who will grow on the streets a victim of irresponsibility which Filipino parents are famous for ‘“The Commission on Population is today looking at the 100 babies, to be … Continue reading

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Is This Man Scattering Loaded Guns at Toy Aisles?

WTF Is This Man Doing In The Baby Section Of Target? He even looks like a psycho doesn’t he? Why is this man not being investigated? Is he under protection by the powerful? If this man is guilty, he should … Continue reading

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Oregon School Shooting 74th in 18 Months

That was since Newtown. Of all things the US should protect, why is it that it’s their children they can’t!? ‘A student was shot and killed at a high school outside Portland, Ore., on Tuesday morning. That comes just five … Continue reading

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How Can 2 Die Saving One Same Phone?

Why you shouldn’t use hi-tech gadgets at primitive facilities 2 Die Trying to Save Phone That Fell Into Toilet ‘Two people died and three were injured after wading into a cesspool’s knee-deep filth in an attempt to retrieve a woman’s … Continue reading

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Cultural Invasion Via Surplus Goods

Unlike most surplus (ukay ukay) shops in Manila, my fav shop Lucky Mary at Baclaran doesn’t just sell used clothes. It sells just about everything and a lot are still unused. After almost giving up looking for an incense stand … Continue reading

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