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The Difference Between The Internet and The Web

The Web came after the Internet and is just one of a variety of communication facilities and many services that run on top of the Internet infrastructure. Other such services include email, FTP, and VOIP (online audio messaging). The Internet … Continue reading

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The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared

IBM Worker in Hijacked Plane Sent Voice Activated Text and Photograph: GPS Revealed His Location to Be RAF-US AFB Diego Garcia ‘What has not released publicly is the breaking news was that Wood was apparently able to secret his smartphone … Continue reading

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Brazil’s “Bill of Rights for the Internet” is On

Just earlier this month, Tim Berners-Lee proposed the Internet Magna Carta or the same Bill ‘On the 25th anniversary of his first draft of the first proposal for what would become the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee warns that the … Continue reading

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U.S. To Relinquish Remaining Control Of The Internet

Was that the result of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg saying ‘The U.S. Government Is a Threat to Internet Security.’ and Europe’s approval of new data protection law? Both incidents cited USA’s online spying scandals “The impact of the change remains unclear, … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Too Much of a Good Thing?

How the Billion-Member Social Network is Making Us Lonely ‘In some cases, Kuss says, the availability of social interaction by reading friends’ profiles rather than actually talking to them leads the user to be “effectively lurking rather than interacting…this creates … Continue reading

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