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3 Projects to Prove Privacy Is Not Dead

‘…Services such as Britain’s Mydex offer the ability to store, manage and share personal information in an encrypted central repository called a data store, which only the person who creates the store can fully access. Anyone wanting information contained within … Continue reading

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Social Media Rant Costs Star His Show

‘”It started when Adam Richman … showing off his 70-pound weight loss, Instagrammed a photo showing off his dramatic loss in weight using the hashtag ‘#thinspiration.’” (Via ABC) ‘That word is most often associated with pro-eating disorder Internet communities, which … Continue reading

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Emotion-Manipulation Study Gets Facebook in Big Trouble

Facebook Faces Investigation in UK Following Emotion-Manipulation Study That’s the smaller trouble. Here’s the big one: Facebook Emotional Experiment Linked To Pentagon Research On Civil Unrest ‘Facebook’s controversial “emotional study”, which subjected over half a million unwitting users of the … Continue reading

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The Rise of Robot Journalism

Should we celebrate it? ‘…Narrative Science has been generating sports stories — game wrap-ups, etc. — and earnings-based reports for a number of clients including Forbes magazine for a couple of years now. In an interview with Steven Levy of … Continue reading

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China: Cure for Internet Addiction Worse than Disease

‘Last week, a 19-year-old girl at a rehab center for teenage internet addicts in Henan province died after being kicked and dropped by her instructors for two hours, part of a disciplinary “training session” for not asking permission to go … Continue reading

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