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How Translation Amplifies Ideas

‘Shortly after model Geena Rocero gave the TED Talk “Why I must come out,” she was Skyping with an LGBTQ activist in Hong Kong. This activist mentioned how powerful it would be for Chinese speakers to be able to watch … Continue reading

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Cal Smartphone Kill Switch Law Could Affect You

‘…With smartphone crime becoming epidemic everywhere, other states are likely watching California intently now, possibly to follow its cue. To get some perspective on what that means for the everyday consumer, let’s start with some fundamentals. (5 Things To Know … Continue reading

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Portable Solar Power for your Gadgets

Closing Mainstream Energy Gaps ‘”I don’t like to see those people sitting on the floor by a plug by a bathroom,” NRG Retail president Elizabeth Killinger said. “I want people to be up and about living life freely.” ‘Goal Zero … Continue reading

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New Russian Law for Bloggers

Russia’s ‘Blogger’s law’ comes into effect today for sites with more than 3,000 visitors per day If The Next Web article is precise, the worst thing is ‘bloggers are not allowed to produce material that incites criticism from its online … Continue reading

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3 Projects to Prove Privacy Is Not Dead

‘…Services such as Britain’s Mydex offer the ability to store, manage and share personal information in an encrypted central repository called a data store, which only the person who creates the store can fully access. Anyone wanting information contained within … Continue reading

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Social Media Rant Costs Star His Show

‘”It started when Adam Richman … showing off his 70-pound weight loss, Instagrammed a photo showing off his dramatic loss in weight using the hashtag ‘#thinspiration.’” (Via ABC) ‘That word is most often associated with pro-eating disorder Internet communities, which … Continue reading

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Emotion-Manipulation Study Gets Facebook in Big Trouble

Facebook Faces Investigation in UK Following Emotion-Manipulation Study That’s the smaller trouble. Here’s the big one: Facebook Emotional Experiment Linked To Pentagon Research On Civil Unrest ‘Facebook’s controversial “emotional study”, which subjected over half a million unwitting users of the … Continue reading

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