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How Holiday Decorations Create Disasters

​ 6 Times Holiday Decorations Turned into Disasters ‘Each winter, many people decorate their homes and offices with holiday lights, ornaments and tinsel. They chop down fir trees, and sit near them at home, breathing in the sharp evergreen scent. … Continue reading

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Does Brain Training Really Make You Smarter?

‘If you’ve spent more than about 5 minutes surfing the web, listening to the radio, or watching TV in the past few years, you will know that cognitive training—better known as “brain training”—is one of the hottest new trends in … Continue reading

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Assessing Older Students for Hidden Skills

What Every School Can Learn From Preschools The authors argue that non-academic skills aren’t coded into DNA and can be taught, or at least cultivated. ‘Melissa Tooley and Laura Bornfreund of the New America Foundation write that schools should focus … Continue reading

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A Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

‘Before you accuse me of being like Chandler Bing on Friends—as Joey says, “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Chandler bumming us out”—please note: my anti-turkey stance is not anti-Thanksgiving. It’s rather the opposite: I am very much in favor of … Continue reading

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Let’s Illegitimize Fraternities

There are much more graduates which succeeded in their careers without fraternity support ‘…A supporter of the fraternity system might argue that merely eliminating fraternities will not end the problem of rape in and around college campuses. This is true. … Continue reading

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The Impact of Yale’s Anti-Semitism

How Harvard, Princeton, Yale Restricted Jews, Smarties, Blacks About 100 years ago, you just need to pass a college entrance exam. All that mattered was that one test score. So what changed? Blame Yale’s anti-Semitism. ‘“The Chosen: The Hidden History … Continue reading

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Facebook’s New Office version

Facebook to release “Facebook at Work” version Maybe the Government can allow employees to use Facebook but not during office hours ‘Facebook is preparing a new office version of its social networking site to compete with other sites like LinkedIn, … Continue reading

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