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The Workshop School Works

In This School, Class Is A Workshop And Experiments Are Mandatory ‘Imagine a school where classes are organized not by subject but by project — a school created not by administrators, but by teachers fed up with the status quo. … Continue reading

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Every G Glass User a Possible Thief

Google Glass wearers can steal your password ‘Cyber forensics experts at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell have developed a way to steal passwords entered on a smartphone or tablet using video from Google’s face-mounted gadget and other video-capturing devices. … Continue reading

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Preschoolers More Digital-Smart than College Students

They Outsmart College Students In Figuring Out Gadgets. But is that good or bad news? ‘Ever wonder why children can so easily figure out how to work the TV remote? Or why they “totally get” apps on your smartphone faster … Continue reading

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Is a Science Court Needed to Establish “Facts”?

‘…Take genetically modified food. The scientific facts about the safety of GM food get badly distorted in what is essentially a values debate. Each side has its own opinion, and therefore it’s own view of the facts. Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading

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Teaching College Below Middle-Class Job Now

And everyone paying tuition should care ‘When Mary Margaret Vojtko died last September—penniless and virtually homeless and eighty-three years old, having been referred to Adult Protective Services because the effects of living in poverty made it seem to some that … Continue reading

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