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Biggest Tech Downside?

Technology is Making People Lose Empathy for Strangers Will you even just look at a needy stranger on the street when you’re busy with your gadget? You probably said no right? ‘Now four years sober, Adam Reichart said he agreed … Continue reading

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4 Password Change Requests to Block Heartbleed

That’s how many I received so far from just one email service. I didn’t ignore the one from an email provider (and will not ignore others). You shouldn’t too U.S. Regulators Warn Banks About Heartbleed Bug ‘U.S. financial regulators expect … Continue reading

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Waiving ‘Moral Rights’ as an Author

Nature Publishing Group Requires Faculty Authors to Waive ‘Moral Rights’ ‘Faculty authors who contract to write for the publisher of Nature, Scientific American, and many other journals should know that they could be signing away more than just the economic … Continue reading

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1,180 People Knows What Happened to Flight 370

At least if my followers read my blog post: The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared I wrote this because this headline irritated me: Investigators: We May Never Know What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning ‘A … Continue reading

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Great Lessons from Great Interns in their 40s

‘…Lisa McGee, a disaster program manager at the Red Cross, is Killian’s boss, and she is supportive. “I came in as an older intern myself,” she says. She was about 43. McGee says older interns often have more empathy, life … Continue reading

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