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Is Your Shopped Food Laced with Addictive Drugs?

An amazing story of how a noodle vendor was caught with his opium-laced food ‘The use of the unusual ingredient – used to make opium – at the restaurant in Yan’an, in Shaanxi province, came to light after one of … Continue reading

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Overlords of the ‘Overworld’

see battleforthenet story Is the Underworld the problem? Or is it the ‘Overworld’? When will it be when ‘underworld’ is mentioned, it means the government? Just scan and Activist Post to see how much the Overworld rules. You can … Continue reading

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Do You Need To Get Yourself a Pseudonym?

‘…This may be useful to you even if you aren’t, like Ms. Donath, a public figure with a reputation to uphold. Potential bosses or suitors will be Googling you, you can be sure of that, and it may not be … Continue reading

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Westboro Targets Robin Williams’ Funeral

Fundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church will picket Williams funeral just because he played a gay man in film The Birdcage ‘An American extremist family church group has announced its intention to picket the forthcoming funeral of actor Robin Williams, who killed … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

A few feet away from total destruction: 14 dead and 176 missing Aerial Photos of the Washington Mudslide ‘A massive mudslide occurred near the Stillaguamish River in Oslo, Wash. on Saturday in what reports are calling the worst mudslide the … Continue reading

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Exxon Valdez Still Poisoning Ecosystem After 25 Years

You think oil spills are a joke? ‘…The oil charged through Prince William Sound and out into the Gulf of Alaska, damaging more than 1,300 miles of some of the most remote, wild shoreline in this country. ‘This happened 25 … Continue reading

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Official Stupidity Everywhere

Let’s ruin a good kid’s life for nothing Teen jailed for 13 days after EMT kit pocketknife found in his car trunk His felony trial is coming up Just when you think you’ve witnessed the ultimate in official stupidity, they … Continue reading

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