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Robber Caught in Call of Duty Game (not Facebook at last!)

Attack was Heard over Call of Duty Online Game ‘During the robbery, Georgiou, who was wearing a crash helmet, hit one of the men over the head with an imitation handgun, while the second grabbed a knife from the kitchen. … Continue reading

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Canadian Friend: “How to Act Around Filipinos”

‘While I was surfing on Youtube, I found a good video. It’s about Tommy who lives with his Filipino friends in Canada. I was surprised with what Tommy had to say. He gave us a list on how foreigners should … Continue reading

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A Giant Leap to Reverting to Youth

Scientists at Edinburgh University have successfully persuaded an organ to regenerate inside an animal ‘…We demonstrate that the regenerated organ closely resembles the juvenile thymus in terms of architecture and gene expression profile, and further show that this FOXN1-mediated regeneration … Continue reading

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Should US States Back Out Of DepEd Common Core ?

Or Should US Amend the Set of National Standards? Actually, should there be a set of international standards? Indiana Becomes First State To Back Out Of Common Core ‘With the stroke of Gov. Mike Pence’s pen, Indiana became the first … Continue reading

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The Day ‘We’ Didn’t Fight Back

I thought the major activist groups realized what their problem was and will finally do something about it. What they accomplished was produce more apathy ‘For all the activities and even websites created solely to support this idea, not one … Continue reading

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The Web Junkie and “Internet Gaming Disorder”

A Harrowing Documentary on China’s Internet Addiction Rehab Clinics ‘“What did you do?” a man asks the boy. “I used the Internet,” the boy replies. He’s barely able to summon the words. “My Dad brought me here to see the … Continue reading

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