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No Individuality of Social Networks? So What?

In the article ‘The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks’ by Selena Larson, she claims the individuality of social networks doesn’t stand out just because the cover photo styles of Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn all look the same like Facebook’s. And … Continue reading

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The First Transcontinental Train

‘A railway that tunnels under the Bosphorous Strait in Istanbul opened Tuesday on the Turkey’s 90th anniversary, making it the first transportation system to connect Europe and Asia. ‘The Marmaray tunnel, named for a combination of the nearby Sea of … Continue reading

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Digital Suicide as Protest

As if human protest suicides were not enough. These programmers should be tagged heroes too like Snowden “This experience has taught me one very important lesson: without congressional action or a strong judicial precedent, I would strongly recommend against anyone … Continue reading

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On-line Privacy is DEAD

List of social networks hacked by FBI/NSA Gmail Facebook Hotmail Yahoo Apple Skype Youtube Your private documents of those services were scanned and stored in FBI/NSA files. Notice that Twitter is not included. The Irony: US should secure Armed Forces … Continue reading

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