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The Faulty Miller Obscenity Test

‘…As it turned out, people in Utah County, a place that often boasts of being the most conservative area in the nation, were disproportionately large consumers of the very videos that prosecutors had labeled obscene and illegal. And far more … Continue reading

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Sharing Facebook post 200,000 times leads to arrest

‘Jeremiah Malfroid was wanted for allegedly downloading and distributing child pornography. The 33-year-old surrendered Monday to local authorities in Oroville, Calif. ‘On Dec. 9, a post appeared on Facebook with information detailing his alleged crime and his fugitive status, according … Continue reading

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Common Chemicals That Reduce Your Baby’s IQ

Prenatal exposure to common household chemicals linked with substantial drop in child IQ ‘The study is the first to report a link between prenatal exposure to phthalates and IQ in school-age children. Results appear online in the journal PLOS ONE. … Continue reading

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Your Brain Peforms Better While It Slows Down

This verifies yoga meditation again. In scientific term, I’d like to call it biorhythm pacing ‘Best-selling author Steven Kotler recently visited Big Think to discuss the optimization of consciousness through flow states, a key topic in his recently published book, … Continue reading

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Save an Eye from Cancer with Just a Smartphone Photo

Simple smartphone test could save your kid from eye cancer ‘Retinoblastoma is an aggressive, deadly eye cancer that mainly affects young children. It grows quickly, but if it’s detected early it can save the child’s life and possibly prevent the … Continue reading

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The Hilarious Philippine MMDA Camouflage Outfit

Philippine Netizens criticize MMDA rescue battalion’s camouflage outfit during typhoon Ruby ‘Netizens have criticized the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) for deploying civilian rescue teams dressed in combat camouflage to critical areas in the metropolis at the height of Typhoon … Continue reading

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The World’s First E-Resident

“This is the beginning of the erosion of the classic nation-state hegemony,” an MIT digital identity researcher tells New Scientist. ‘In March 1990, shortly after Lithuania declared independence from the Soviet Union, the Economist editor caught a flight to Vilnius … Continue reading

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