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Smuggling People with Social Media

eCoyotes: The Central American people smugglers who ‘Like’ Facebook ‘When Alan Villeda began smuggling people from Honduras to the United States in 1998, he could only communicate with customers via patchy phone calls. These days, he is a word-of-mouth success … Continue reading

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A Perfect Case of ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’

Digging up the past could ruin your life Couple’s search for each long lost mother yields shocking discovery – they’re siblings ‘Both of them were abandoned when they were still babies. They also know their mothers shared the same name … Continue reading

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The Tweet is Mightier than the Sword

The sophisticated social-media strategy of ISIS The advance of an army used to be marked by war drums. Now it’s marked by volleys of tweets. ‘The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Sunni militant group that seized Iraq’s … Continue reading

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No Connection Between Heart Disease and Fat

That’s according to Cambridge Author says focus on carb intake instead. And this piece doesn’t mean fat is all right. Fat can still give you lethal diseases like HBP and allergy ‘Cambridge has finally finished a series of eighty studies … Continue reading

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Pen and Paper Wins Over Online Gadgets

Better Learning Through (Pen-and-Paper) Technology ‘This particular outcome suggests that contrary to popular belief, “laptops may be doing more harm in classrooms than good” by creating poor habits that are hard to break. ‘Researchers Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer asked … Continue reading

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Canada ‘Admits’ Dumping Garbage in Philippines

But Anna Marie Kapunan has good news ‘…Yesterday, we were met by Political Counselor James Christoff to keep us posted on the recent updates from Canadian Embassy. We were assured that the Canadian Embassy is looking into possible solutions to … Continue reading

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When the Internet Crashes (It Can!) [Video]

What are your scenarios when that happens? ‘Insights from a guy who has been on the Internet since you could list all the users in a small booklet. Is there a Plan B if the Internet goes down for an … Continue reading

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