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Fed Drones vs. Rebel Drones

FBI: Drone-like toy planes in bomb plot If federal agents didn’t expect that to happen, then the predictions of the Good Judgment Project (below) are indeed better than intelligence analysts with access to classified information. Of course terrorists will strike … Continue reading

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First 9/11 Victim Was a Genius and Hero

Danny Lewin was on flight 11 that slammed into World Trade Center. He was killed before that when he fought the hijackers ‘…Until now, Lewin’s story has remained untold-mainly out of respect for friends and family who closely guarded their … Continue reading

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Asian Social Media Dictatorship

Thai Army Used as Web Bots Soldiers ordered to promote the monarchy via social networks LOL ‘…Rangers Task Force 45, in response to Army policy, has put its troops to the task of promoting and protecting the monarchy in cyber … Continue reading

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How Hardware Manufacturers Are Deceiving You

Beware of fine print even on the front of the product itself — one got me ‘…Sure, everyone involved can come up with a variety of excuses — they aren’t technically misleading customers, it’s all in the fine print, and … Continue reading

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The Havoc of CIA’s Fake Vaccination Campaign

‘The deadly consequences have already begun. Villagers along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border chased off legitimate vaccine workers, accusing them of being spies. Taliban commanders banned polio vaccinations in parts of Pakistan, specifically citing the bin Laden ruse as justification. Then, last … Continue reading

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