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Study: Religion does not increase morality at all

I had an atheist friend (RIP) who was more moral than most churchgoers ‘In what may come as a shock to those who think religious affiliation helps a person distinguish between right and wrong, a new study shows that religious … Continue reading

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Kids Need To Learn Digital Literacy

And Not How To Code ‘The new narrative in education, echoed from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C., is: “Everyone should learn to code.” But something’s getting lost in translation between technologists and parents of students around the country. ‘Let’s get … Continue reading

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Global Costs of Violence: $9 Trillion a Year

Violence at home costs $8 trillion a year, worse than war – study (Reuters) – ‘Domestic violence, mainly against women and children, kills far more people than wars and is an often overlooked scourge that costs the world economy more … Continue reading

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Subversion in Literature

Originally posted on WP Writers Group:
While most women authors subvert about gender inequality, most male crime fiction authors subvert about political and economic corruption—done between the lines. ‘…Take the example of her story, Wild Pigeon, where the silent rebellion…

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Musician Copland’s Brilliant View on Writing

Originally posted on WP Writers Group:
Legendary Composer Aaron Copland on the Conditions of Creativity, Emotion vs. Intellect, and the Trap of Public Opinion “The main thing is to be satisfied with your work yourself. It’s useless to have an…

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Race is Just a Sensitivity Issue

Which had it worse: the Black Slavery or the Jew Holocaust? Why is it that there’s only one Race that’s always crying ‘racism!’ all over the Web? Even Food Being Used for Racial Metaphors ‘…Michael Steele, the black former head … Continue reading

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The Lethal Invisible Wounds of Iraq Vets

Nightmares And Darkness Follow Marine Home From Iraq War ‘Jeff Lucey’s homecoming was “magnificent,” Joyce says, with balloons and a police escort. “But on Christmas Eve, we went to my mom’s. He didn’t come. His sister went home to see … Continue reading

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