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9 Volt Batteries Can Burn Down Your House

‘With the holiday season starting this week in the US, decorations and lights will increasingly festoon peoples’ homes and 9 volt batteries will probably be in use more than during other parts of the year. ‘When I saw this clip, … Continue reading

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Let’s Illegitimize Fraternities

There are much more graduates which succeeded in their careers without fraternity support ‘…A supporter of the fraternity system might argue that merely eliminating fraternities will not end the problem of rape in and around college campuses. This is true. … Continue reading

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The Laser-Shooting Wristwatch is Here [Video]

We can at least hurt and distract an intruder with it ‘Thanks to some clever special effects, the gadgets that Q creates for James Bond and other MI6 agents are often well ahead of their time. So much so that … Continue reading

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Something Worse Than Family Not Buying Your Book

Originally posted on WP Writers Group:
When Friends and Family Lie About Buying Your Book ‘Well, it happened again. An author accused us of not paying royalties on friends and family book sales…that never occurred. He was unable to provide…

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This Bio-Bus is Also The Poop Bus

Poop Bus Fueled by Human Waste Hits the Road ‘The UK’s first bus powered entirely by human and food waste has gone into service between Bristol and Bath. The 40-seat “Bio-Bus” runs on biomethane gas generated through the treatment of … Continue reading

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How Passenger Racked Up $1.2K WiFi Bill

‘…Gutsche says he signed up for a 30 megabyte Internet plan, which cost $28.99, and was aware that he would be responsible for data beyond that limit. But he was stunned when he learned upon landing that viewing some 155 … Continue reading

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Celebrities Ditch Starbucks After it Supported Monsanto

Update Starbucks’ fast damage control publicity Starbucks US features Fil-Am toddler Flynn in limited edition mug On Starbucks News, Flynn’s mother narrated how she heard about the collection in the early months of this year, but did not know she … Continue reading

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