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Writing Wasn’t Popular and Ignored for 2 Thousand Years

Ancient Assyrians still used clay markers, 2K years later ‘These days, not too many people use or even own typewriters. Those clunky machines have almost entirely been replaced by a smoother model: the modern computer. Imagine, however, that thousands of … Continue reading

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Today’s Mafiosis are on Wall Street

‘…Michael is patient. “The French bank BNP Paribas admitted it broke the law. It copped a plea. It said it helped Iran avoid sanctions. Iran is our mortal enemy and a country the Corleone family has no sympathy for. The … Continue reading

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Is a Science Court Needed to Establish “Facts”?

‘…Take genetically modified food. The scientific facts about the safety of GM food get badly distorted in what is essentially a values debate. Each side has its own opinion, and therefore it’s own view of the facts. Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading

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Is This Man Scattering Loaded Guns at Toy Aisles?

WTF Is This Man Doing In The Baby Section Of Target? He even looks like a psycho doesn’t he? Why is this man not being investigated? Is he under protection by the powerful? If this man is guilty, he should … Continue reading

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Hashtag Activism

Do Hashtags Retweets Help Victims or Downplay Issues? Columnist D.A. Lovell thinks these retweets provide false sense of accomplishment ‘We should arm ourselves with information and avenues for making an impact beyond just awareness. I’d personally rather see lasting social … Continue reading

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