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How Big Business Targets Children

“Corporate behavior is very similar to that of a psychopath.” The diagnostic criteria for psychopathy is: 1. Unable to be concerned for others 2. Only advances their own self interest 3. Has trouble obeying the law and social conventions Bakan … Continue reading

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Canada ‘Admits’ Dumping Garbage in Philippines

But Anna Marie Kapunan has good news ‘…Yesterday, we were met by Political Counselor James Christoff to keep us posted on the recent updates from Canadian Embassy. We were assured that the Canadian Embassy is looking into possible solutions to … Continue reading

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Avoid Being Attacked in G Glass

Another Google Glass Wearer Attacked in San Francisco If this incident was a random mugging attempt, or yet another signal highlighting the growing tensions between San Francisco’s tech haves and have-nots, then the solution is simple: Do not wear (flaunt) … Continue reading

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USA Wrestling Players Should Sue Too for Violence for Profit

If NFL and NHL did it, USA Wrestling should most of all do it. Mixed Martial Arts players get injured because it’s part of the game. USAW players get injured because it’s part of the scripts. Why did Ultimate Warrior die … Continue reading

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Flight 370: Fighter Jets, Not UFOs

Fighter Jets Seen Escorting Plane Matching Its Description So that is why the UFO theories stopped ‘Despite the eerie calm evinced by Philip Wood’s longtime girlfriend, Sarah Bajc, fresh out of a meeting in Kuala Lumpur, among relatives of those … Continue reading

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