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Race is Just a Sensitivity Issue

Which had it worse: the Black Slavery or the Jew Holocaust? Why is it that there’s only one Race that’s always crying ‘racism!’ all over the Web? Even Food Being Used for Racial Metaphors ‘…Michael Steele, the black former head … Continue reading

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Can Known Compete with WordPress or Blogspot?

This photo won the Grand Prize in a UN Photo Competition see link below IndieWeb advocates launch Known so bloggers can be social and still control their content ‘Does the world really need a new blogging platform? Haven’t we already … Continue reading

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Why Twitter is Problematic with Japan

Japan’s synchronized tweets are like a massive denial-of-service attack and crashes Twitter ‘When the New Year arrives or even as they watch certain moments in shows and movies broadcast on national television, tens of thousands of Japanese will tweet at … Continue reading

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The Extreme Reading Challenge [Video/Photos]

Will you dare to join? ‘The ERC refers to people who push themselves out of their literary comfort by ploughing through numerous novels or any literary material available. ‘According to Metro, Phyllis Rose, an American author, literary critic, essayist, biographer, … Continue reading

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Know Your Device Rights While Travelling

‘You’ve left the plane and collected your luggage, and the last thing you want to do is submit to a customs search. Getting your souvenirs and taxable items out is a hassle, but nothing like the stomach churning thought of … Continue reading

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Trolling of Zelda Williams Triggers Suspension of Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Robin Williams’ daughter swears off social media after trolls trash her Twitter ‘Although most of the world expressed its condolences and well-wishes to the daughter of Robin Williams, cruel posts by trolls on her Twitter account has forced her to … Continue reading

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The Live-Tweeting of Michael Brown’s Killing [photos]

Warning: foul language ‘Just after 12 p.m. local time in Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, a Twitter user and St. Louis-area rapper named Thee Pharoah tweeted that he saw someone die. ‘He then tweeted a photo of Michael … Continue reading

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