What the ‘Sydney Siege’ Exposed

globalvoicesonline-B432iCUCUAAvvRk.png largeThe ‘Sydney Siege’ might be real but news outlets distorted it and some did it deliberately
#IllRideWithYou in Solidarity with Muslims during Sydney Siege
‘The 16-hour hostage situation at Lindt Café in Martin Place at Sydney’s busy Financial District came to an end with commandos storming the cafe killing the lone gunman Man Haron Monis, but coverage of the siege continues to bring the best and worst of mainstream and social media in Australia.

‘In between thousands of tweets, hours of live broadcast and hundreds of web pages, some facts have proven to be inaccurate and misleading, and some angles had dangerous Islamophobic overtones.

‘The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports “Monday’s siege in the CBD has seen a number of myths circulating on social media and in the press.”

‘Keith Fitzgerald, a crisis negotiator expert, after seeing the front page of a special edition newspaper, asked journalists in Australia to condemn the Daily Telegraph: …’

Bank robber-turned-singer’s music video produced inside Bilibid [Video]
‘Herbert Colangco, 39, slim of built, soft spoken, youthful looking, without braggadocio, courteous to a fault, is not easy to classify as an offender although if one gets through the transcript of judicial testimonies, he can out rightly be categorized as a monster already, an alien out of this planet, an inhuman and incorrigible felon. In prison, he was a combination of “high risk” and “high profile.” And why not. If police records would be noted, he was the criminal mind behind all daring bank robberies in the country in the first half of 2000s. His gang was so bold and daring that their presence alone literally swept the vaults of all banks in all urban areas nationwide.

‘He is a mainstay in the national penitentiary maximum camp. He is constantly repairing in one corner practicing his timing for a singing number in his show. He is busy designing the stage on which performers will grace their part. He is also checking on his notes and notebook, the resources he must spend so that everyone would be given their due assistance. For him, his every show spells penury for whatever he has saved. He knew that at the end of his singular life, whatever he has possessed would rightfully be enjoyed by the people he wished to have relished it even for once.

‘In Colangco’s kubol in Bilibid, De Lima discovered a professionally furnished generator-powered 60-square-meter music studio with a stage for live musical performances. This studio is where he recorded five songs composed by noted composer Edith Gallardo, the tunesmith behind Aiza Seguerra’s signature hit “Pagdating Panahon”.

‘Along with minus one versions of those songs, they formed his debut album “Kinabukasan”, which was was released last year by Ivory Music and Video bearing Colangco’s screen name of Henry C….’


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‘Sydney Siege’ Now Looks Like a Circus Story Too

activistpost-786756-130227-monisReasons to Question the Official Story of the ‘Sydney Siege’
‘The xenophobic pro-war right is predictably using the attack as an example of how all Muslims are terrorists and how their total annihilation and implementation of police state tactics are the only solution. The pathetic left-wing is attempting to portray the gunman as a “lone nut” with no political motives as a justification for more “anti-terror” laws. The vast majority in the middle, however, believe the official mainstream version of events, quake in their boots, and move on to the next form of entertainment provided to them by the culture creators without a second thought.

‘Yet, as is almost always the case, there is much more to the story than is being reported by mainstream outlets. There exists a number of unanswered questions and unexplained inconsistencies with the story of “Man Haron Monis” and his hostage taking escapade in Sydney…’
1.) Man Haron Monis (aka Manteghi Boroujerdi) is Shiia, not Sunni.
2.) Is Monis A “Liberal Muslim” Or A “Fundamentalist Muslim?”
3.) Monis Served US/NATO/West’s Interests As Propaganda Tool Against Iran
4.) Did Monis Love His Wife And Fear For Her Safety Or Did He Kill Her?
5.) Shiite Clerics In Australia Did Not Trust Monis

Crossing the Line Between Mental Illness and Ideology
‘…Political thinking labeled unacceptable to the establishment led to a former Marine, Brandon Raub, being abducted and carted off to a mental ward for observation.

‘“Police – acting under a state law that allows emergency, temporary psychiatric commitments upon the recommendation of a mental health professional – took Raub to the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell. He was not charged with any crime,” the Associated Press reported.

‘“Col. Thierry Dupuis, the county police chief, said Raub was taken into custody upon the recommendation of mental health crisis intervention workers. He said the action was taken under the state’s emergency custody statute, which allows a magistrate to order the civil detention and psychiatric evaluation of a person who is considered potentially dangerous.”

‘Raub’s crime? He posted anti-government opinions on his Facebook page…’

I wouldn’t trust Manila MRT3 train if I were you
HK’s railway operator warns MRT-3 train derailment imminent, may cause substantial deaths
‘…During the hearing, an official of MRT maintenance operator APT Global maintained that the MRT-3 is safe.

‘Engineer Allan Ortencio told lawmakers that the system is “fail safe.” He said the derailment last August at the Taft Avenue station was human error.

‘MRT-3 officer-in-charge Renato San Jose, meanwhile, said their own study of the system is similar to what MTR of Hong Kong said in its report.

‘MRTC commissioned MTR of Hong Kong to audit the assets of MRT-3. The study, however, had its limitations. “The accuracy of the report including assessment and recommendations are compromised by incomplete information provided to MTR Corporation by the DOTC and the current maintenance provider, APT Global. Maintenance review is also specifically asked to be excluded from the scope.”…’

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Is the traffic app Waze really causing traffic in LA?

Sydney Hostage Siege Ends With Captor and 2 Captives Dead

abcnews.go-AP_los_angeles_traffic_app_jtm_141215_16x9_608Popular smartphone app Waze causes traffic jam; angers LA residents
‘When the people whose houses hug the narrow warren of streets paralleling the busiest urban freeway in America began to see bumper-to-bumper traffic crawling by their homes a year or so ago, they were baffled.

‘When word spread that the explosively popular new smartphone app Waze was sending many of those cars through their neighbourhood in a quest to shave five minutes off a daily rush-hour commute, they were angry and ready to fight back.

‘They would outsmart the app, some said, by using it to report phoney car crashes and traffic jams on their streets that would keep the shortcut-seekers away.

‘Months later, the cars are still there, and the people are still mad.

‘”Los Angeles is a powder keg of cars, construction and population that will only continue to get worse,” Mossler said she wrote to a person from the 405 neighbourhood who complained. “With or without Waze, drivers will be looking for alternatives to major thoroughfares.”…’
Read more

The Rise Of Grandfamilies
When Grandma’s House Is Home
I’ve been living in my grandma’s home since I was 40 mainly because it was almost empty
‘…In a shift driven partly by culture and largely by the economy, the number of grandparents living with their grandchildren is up sharply. According to recent U.S. census data, such families have increased by about a third over the past generation.

‘”Once the recession occurred, we actually saw a real uptick in the number of kids living with their grandparents, and now the numbers are close to 8 million,” says Gretchen Livingston, who has studied the trend for the Pew Research Center. “To put that in perspective, that means that about 1 in 10 kids are living with a grandparent.”…’

Heavy Metal addicts get disability benefits in Sweden
‘…His boss allows him to “dress how he wants and play heavy metal music while washing dishes,” according to the Global Post – all because Tullgren has a disability. He is, officially, addicted to heavy metal.

‘Sweden’s English-language news portal The Local described Tullgren as having ”long black hair, a collection of tattoos and wears skull and crossbones jewelry.” He attends roughly 300 heavy metal concerts each year and himself is an amateur performer — he’s a bass guitarist for two bands. For most of his life, his love of heavy metal music has been all-encompassing to the point that he had a hard time holding down a job, and as such, he often received welfare payments. So he pushed the government to classify his apparently overwhelming interest in bands such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden as a disability. It took about a decade (and multiple visits to multiple psychologists, of course), but in 2007, Sweden finally agreed…’

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Live: Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place [Video]

A summary of the facts we have at the moment:
~The siege began at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place at about 9.44am, when members of the public called police after seeing a man with a gun enter the cafe.

~The siege has now been going for more than nine hours.

~Five hostages have escaped, but police aren’t saying how many remain inside the cafe. Seven News reporter Chris Reason claims there are about 15, a mix of men and women, but no children.

~Hundreds of police are at the scene, with tactical officers watching the doors the hostages used to escape.

~Police have confirmed they are in touch with the gunman, but they aren’t revealing what he has told them or what his motivations may be.

~A large exclusion zone remains in place in the Sydney CBD, and trains are not stopping at Martin Place station.
– See more

Philippine Prisoners Living in Jail Paradise [Video]
DOJ holds surprise inspection in bilibid: finds drugs and luxury items like hot tub, Playstation

‘…In the room of robbery group leader Herbert Colangco, authorities found cash and music equipment.

‘Colangco’s three storage vaults, meanwhile, contained eight luxury watches, composed of five Rolex, one Patek Philippe, one Cartier, and one Panerai. Also in the vaults were cash of various currencies and luxury wallets from high-end brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes.

‘Colangco told dzMM’s Alex Calda that the cash seized from him were supposed to be used for a feeding program.

‘NBI and PNP Special Action Force operatives said among the numerous entertainment items seized were a 48-inch flat screen television and a PlayStation 4 unit. Some of the rooms were also equipped with air-condition units…’

The Urban Farm That Is Soil-Free and Uses Virtually No Water
‘Futuristic farms are not such a fantasy anymore, with dozens of projects cropping up around the country designing solutions to urban farming. The only problem? The costly price tag that comes with those initiatives.

‘Which is why CityFarm, born out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, is aiming to create a soil-free urban farming system that may be economically feasible for cities — regardless of locale. The 60-square-foot farm grows lettuce, tomatoes and herbs in a windowless room inside MIT’s Media Lab, Fast Company reports.

‘With no soil and the help of artificial light, the farm produces crops with as much as 90 percent less water than traditional methods…’
Read more

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Why are Men Checking Out Of Society?

gold-silver.us-Nov20ride001-1Milo Yiannopoulos is blaming radical feminism. It looks like the Amazons are the ones in the cities now forcing men into the jungles lol
‘”My generation of boys is f**ked,” says Rupert, a young German video game enthusiast I’ve been getting to know over the past few months. “Marriage is dead. Divorce means you’re screwed for life. Women have given up on monogamy, which makes them uninteresting to us for any serious relationship or raising a family. That’s just the way it is. Even if we take the risk, chances are the kids won’t be ours. In France, we even have to pay for the kids a wife has through adulterous affairs.

‘Never before in history have relations between the sexes been so fraught with anxiety, animosity and misunderstanding. To radical feminists, who have been the driving force behind many tectonic societal shifts in recent decades, that’s a sign of success: they want to tear down the institutions and power structures that underpin society, never mind the fall-out. Nihilistic destruction is part of their road map…’

How do you define an atheist?
What If Atheists Were Defined By Their Actions?
‘Part of what makes Tyson’s response — and that of our hypothetical meat-avoider — understandable, if not exactly typical, is the fact social categories often come with baggage in the form of strong cultural associations, not all of which are accurate or positive. Atheists are among the most distrusted groups in America, for example, and people often think that vegetarians are annoyingly self-righteous. (Full disclosure: I am both an atheist and vegetarian, but trust me, I’m not at all self-righteous.) It’s natural to want to distance oneself from these associations, even if one fits a category’s constitutive core. It might be like the mother of a mother — i.e., a grandmother by anyone’s definition — preferring not to be called “grandma” because she doesn’t like to babysit or bake cookies and doesn’t feel the label adequately reflects her true passions of motorcycle racing and number theory…’

Free Smartphone App Creates Community Response Service
‘Now a new app called Peacekeeper goes even a step further, encouraging connectivity with your neighbors, family and friends in order to establish a response network filled with people who already have earned your trust. Please read their press release and see their video below. Tell us what you think – is this a viable decentralized solution that can restore self-reliance and community strength? Please leave your comments.

‘Press Release – Peacekeeper, a free, community-based emergency response Smartphone app, cuts emergency response times by relying on nearby neighbors. When a user is in an emergency, the app notifies neighbors, friends and family and gives them the chance to be first responders. The system enables individuals to easily send, receive, and respond to emergency alerts. The design of the app gives users the ability to get the help they need when seconds count the most…’

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The World’s First Computer Programmer was a Woman

brainpickings-adalovelace1‘…Her (Ada Lovelace’s) third innovation was a step-by-step outline of “the workings of what we now call a computer program or algorithm.” But it was her fourth one, Isaacson notes, that was and still remains most momentous — the question of whether machines can think independently, which we still struggle to answer in the age of Siri-inspired fantasies like the movie Her.’

“…The reality is that Ada’s contribution was both profound and inspirational. More than Babbage or any other person of her era, she was able to glimpse a future in which machines would become partners of the human imagination, together weaving tapestries as beautiful as those from Jacquard’s loom. Her appreciation for poetical science led her to celebrate a proposed calculating machine that was dismissed by the scientific establishment of her day, and she perceived how the processing power of such a device could be used on any form of information. Thus did Ada, Countess of Lovelace, help sow the seeds for a digital age that would blossom a hundred years later.” -Walter Isaacson

The Grumpy Programmer
What Old Farts Can Teach You
‘Bob Pendleton is a 60-something year old blogger who has (probably) been programming since before you were born. His blog, thegrumpyprogrammer.com, documents the lessons he’s learned from decades in the technology trenches.

‘The most important thing you need to know about Pendleton is his blog’s mantra: Programming doesn’t have to suck.

‘We’ve worked with Pendleton to present his tales in Web comic form; the first installment follows. We aim to bring you future episodes on a monthly basis, and more frequently if our staff resources permit…’

Will you use the digital driver’s license?
Why The Iowa Digital Driver’s License Seems So Cool—And Scary
‘According to the Des Moines Register, Iowa’s Department of Transportation will offer digital driver’s licenses via a free mobile app that will launch next year. The virtual version will be as legally valid as the physical IDs currently sitting in Iowans’ wallets, but infinitely cooler—the on-screen versions will feature animated headshots that rotate in place.

‘People use their phones for everything these days, so storing a driver’s license in there too seems very convenient. But the pros come with some potential cons that—if not properly addressed—could turn these virtual licenses into a ticket to some scary scenarios…’

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The 7 True-Blue Fundamentalist Christian US States


The Magic Mushroom
(see link below)

Atheists Banned From Public Office in 7 States
‘A bookkeeper named Roy Torcaso, who happened to be an atheist, refused to declare that he believed in God in order to serve as a notary public in Maryland. His case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and in 1961 the court ruled unanimously for Mr. Torcaso, saying states could not have a “religious test” for public office.

‘But 53 years later, Maryland and six other states still have articles in their constitutions saying people who do not believe in God are not eligible to hold public office. Maryland’s Constitution still says belief in God is a requirement even for jurors and witnesses…’

The US Navy’s New Spy Fish
”Silent Nemo’ robofish can swim into enemy territory undetected – and is designed to look exactly like a tuna. At a length of approximately 5 feet and a weight of nearly 100 pounds, the GhostSwimmer vehicle can operate in water depths ranging from 10 inches to 300 feet.

‘The fish can be controlled with a joystick or be programmed to swim on its own. The unmanned underwater vehicle is able to make tight turns and move through the water quietly, making it ideal for surveillance and reconnaissance missions…’
Read more

After the LeBron James issue, future Queen Kate ‘bossed’ at charity event
Kate Middleton’s eye roll at charity gift wrapping event in Harlem goes viral

‘The Duchess of Cambridge was caught showing a little London sass when a bossy employee at the Northside Center for Child Development caught her relaxing Monday at a charity event.

‘“Keep wrapping!” the woman snapped as Middleton prepped Christmas presents. Matilde Cobb, 38, said Friday that she wasn’t bothered by the visiting Brit’s facial faux pas…’

‘Magic’ Mushrooms in Royal Garden
‘Hallucinogenic mushrooms are perhaps the last thing you’d expect to find growing in the Queen of England’s garden.

‘Yet a type of mushroom called Amanita muscaria — commonly known as fly agaric, or fly amanita — was found growing in the gardens of Buckingham Palace by the producers of a television show, the Associated Press reported on Friday (Dec. 12).

‘A. muscaria is a bright red-and-white mushroom, and the fungus is psychoactive when consumed…’

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