Is Your Shopped Food Laced with Addictive Drugs? amazing story of how a noodle vendor was caught with his opium-laced food
‘The use of the unusual ingredient – used to make opium – at the restaurant in Yan’an, in Shaanxi province, came to light after one of its clients tested positive in a routine urine test by traffic police, despite insisting he’d never touched drugs, the Xi’an Evening News reports. Suspecting the noodle shop he’d eaten at a few hours before the test might be to blame, the customer, Liu Juyou, persuaded relatives to frequent the shop as well and submit themselves to drugs tests. They also tested positive.

‘The shop owner – named only as Zhang – has since admitted to police that he bought 2kg (4.4lb) of poppy buds – which contain the plant’s seeds – for $100 (£60) last month, crushed them into a powder and started to add that to his noodles, the Hua Shang Bao daily reports. Police said the unprocessed seeds contain enough opiates to gradually build up in the body and eventually trigger a positive drugs test result. According to the South China Morning Post, poppy seeds used to be a popular ingredient in Chinese hot pot sauce until their use was banned…’

Living with Nature
How Human Rewilding Works
‘If Paleololithic man was wild, then 21st-century man is fully domesticated. Few of us have ever killed our own dinner or foraged for wild foods. We eat processed and packaged meals, sleep in climate-controlled houses, and the closest most of us come to an authentic wilderness experience is watching a survival reality show on TV.

‘The human rewilding movement is out to change that. At wilderness survival camps and foraging schools around the world, domesticated humans are removing their “leashes” — nine-to-five office jobs, mortgages and the drive-thru window — to discover their wild selves…’

From trash to cash,Pinay domestic helper in Singapore becomes a boss in the Philippines
‘…However, everything changed after she became part of Aidha, a Singaporean non-profit organization teaching foreign domestic workers financial and computer literacy, business management, and entrepreneurship skills.

‘Veronica Gomez, Aidha ambassador said “A big game-changer was learning how to say “no” to relatives who asked for money, a challenge,” referring to the challenge faced by every enrollee.

‘This was shown on how Jeanilyn Bermudez surpassed the challenge in her life as she related her story at Our Better World, A Singapore International Foundation website.

‘In a GMA report, Bermudez related, “Here in my village, I feel I am the big boss… Here, I’m the one who is telling, do this and that and they call me Madam.”…’

The best kept secret of WW II
Japan’s bio-war against China
‘The Japanese had entire city-sized lab complexes in China devoted to “studies” in bio-war. Missing from this film is a dirty secret.

‘The US government was so interested in the “data” that the Japanese generated and in the advantages they thought it would give them that they chose not to prosecute the Japanese involved to keep a lid on the story and the data…’
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Suicide Inside Supreme Court as Protest

ibtimes-india-female-lawyer-attempts-suicide-front-supreme-court-alleging-gang-rapeA new way of Seppuku
What Seppuku is

Lawyer Poisons Herself in Front of Horrified Supreme Court Judges
‘A lawyer made a suicide attempt in a chamber of the Supreme Court of India, alleging her family members had gang-raped her.

‘The woman is reported to have consumed poison before confronting the Chief Justice of India (CJI), RM Lodha, demanding action against the perpetrators.

‘She was immediately taken to the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in the Indian capital.

‘The lawyer alleged that her husband’s relatives, colluding with the husband, had gang-raped her in November 2013. She accused the police of inaction despite a formal complaint…’

Drug dealer headed for prison, shoes and caps confiscated for kids
‘An El Campo drug dealer’s collection of custom sneakers and sports caps is headed for the local Boys & Girls Club while he starts serving a 15-year prison sentence.

‘El Campo police also raided his house, where they confiscated $8,600 in cash, 22 pairs of collector Nike Air Jordan sneakers and numerous sports caps, along with a laptop computer, four digital scales, smartphones, a camera, Wii game system, two televisions and a PlayStation and accessories, said El Campo Police Chief Terry Stanphill.

‘On the authority of a court order, officers also removed various drugs including ecstasy, alprazolam, methamphetamine tablets, marijuana and suspected cocaine and crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, the chief said…’

In Rural Pennsylvania, Heroin Is Cheaper Than Beer
And is easier to get than wine
‘Young people in rural Pennsylvania can buy heroin more easily than a bottle of wine and getting high with the opiate can be cheaper than buying a six pack of beer, according to an investigative report released on Tuesday.

‘Pennsylvania is not alone in its heroin problem. In rural Vermont, Governor Peter Shumlin said his state was experiencing a “full-blown heroin crisis,” while the overdose rate in New York City has surged as well, especially in the wealthiest neighborhoods.

‘In Pennsylvania, Yaw said a small packet of heroin costs between $5 and $10 and delivers a high lasting four to five hours…’

The Scammer Who Became a National Hero
‘…Over a decade, the wiry Dutchman had surreptitiously become Europe’s premier conman — a disgruntled artist-turned-forger who’d sold his works for tens of millions of dollars. Fueled by rejection from the art world, he had duped leading critics, wealthy collectors, and even a high-ranking Nazi official into believing his works were real. What’s more, he had chosen to do so by emulating the works of Jan Vermeer, a technically-immaculate master of the Dutch Golden Age.

‘But post-World War II, a “Vermeer” painting sold to Nazi Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring was traced back to van Meegeren — a painting of such high quality that experts agreed no one could have possibly fabricated it. Accused of plundering for the Germans, the artist was sentenced to death. In an odd twist, van Meegeren was given one last chance to prove his innocence: If he could produce a brilliant forgery before the eyes of court-appointed witnesses, he’d be spared. What ensued would make the man one of the most popular figures in the Netherlands…’

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The Alnwick Garden Plants Can Kill You

smithsonianmag-mw_poison_garden_tunnel.jpg__1072x0_q85_upscale‘The Alnwick Garden is one of north England’s most beautiful attractions, where acres of colorful plants invite visitors to wander through rows of fragrant roses, manicured topiaries and cascading fountains. But within Alnwick’s boundaries, kept behind black iron gates, is a place where visitors are explicitly told not to stop and smell the flowers: the Poison Garden, home to 100 infamous killers.

‘In 1995, Jane Percy became the Duchess of Northumberland, a county in northeastern England that stretches to the border with Scotland, after her husband’s brother died unexpectedly. With the title came the Alnwick Castle, the traditional seat of the Duke of Northumberland (it also served as the setting for Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films). After the family took up residence in the castle, Percy’s husband asked her to do something with the gardens, which at the time were a disused commercial forestry boasting nothing more than rows and rows of Christmas trees…’

How Peanuts Become Allergens
Dry-roasting process may turn harmless peanuts into allergy nightmares

‘…All of the experiments seemed to suggest that something in the dry-roasting process turned essentially harmless peanuts into dangerous, allergy-inducing comestibles. That something is the Maillard reaction, which changes the “physiochemical properties of peanut proteins,” the study authors wrote. They isolated the allergen known as Ara h1 from raw and dry-roasted peanuts and found that the ones in the cooked peanuts had a shape that seemed to trigger the dramatic immune-system response.

‘The findings could explain why peanut allergies are so much more common in North America and Europe than they are in East Asia. Though people in both regions have similar levels of food allergies overall, peanuts are a “striking exception” to this trend, the researchers wrote. Peanuts are consumed in similar quantities in both places, but Westerners usually roast their peanuts and East Asians typically eat them raw, boiled or fried, according to the study…’

US to require online form from immigrant visa applicants starting Oct. 2
‘Starting October 2, applicants for immigrant visas to the United States will be required to complete an online immigrant visa application, the US Embassy in Manila said Tuesday.

‘In a blog post, the embassy said applicants will have to complete the application at before attending their visa interview appointment.

“‘Applicants who appear for an interview without completed application forms will be advised to reschedule the interview by visiting the online appointment website at or by calling the Embassy’s Visa Information and Appointment Service at (632) 982-5555 / (632) 902-8930,” it said…’

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In Case the Government Assassinates You

motherboard-1411407620913276A Deep Web Service Will Leak Your Documents If the Government Murders You
‘With all the conspiracy theories surrounding some high-profile deaths in recent years, how can you, theoretical whistleblower with highly sensitive documents, be assured that your information gets leaked if you’re murdered in some government conspiracy? A new dark web service says it’s got your back.

”Dead Man Zero’ [deep web link] claims to offer potential whistleblowers a bit more peace of mind by providing a system that will automatically publish and distribute their secrets should they die, get jailed, or get injured.

‘This is all accompanied by the obligatory image of 24’s terrorist-fighting protagonist Jack Bauer, as you can see here:…’

Court Decisions Google Maps Murder Case
Ex-Cisco employee pleads guilty to second-degree murder in ‘Google Maps case’
‘Ex-Cisco engineer Brad Cooper, whose first-degree murder conviction for the 2008 strangulation slaying of his wife Nancy was overturned last year based on disputed Google Maps-related evidence, today pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

‘However, not everyone has been convinced that Cooper killed his wife. An anonymous blogger, who has maintained an elaborately detailed website called “Justice for Brad Cooper,” today wrote:…’

How Did New Technology Gadgets Alter The Living Standard Of Modern Man?
‘So, this was all about the latest gadgets, which science has gifted to us. These gadgets have really brought a new revolution in the life of human beings. Gone are the days, when people faced lots of difficulties and hardships in their survival of life. These gadgets have really made their lives easy and comfortable. But, it is their moral reasonability not to take trifle with these gadgets, since they have adverse effect on the lives of the people. If people use them harshly or profusely, then they can cripple the lives of the people also. Thus, one should be highly concerned about its utility…’

Anonymized Mobile Data Still Not Safe
Singapore research group highlights difficulties in ‘anonymising’ location data
‘A new report [PDF] by a Singapore-based research group has cast doubt upon current practices in anonymising location-based mobile data, suggesting that individuals can be easily re-identified from large mobile datasets, and that such detailed data poses ‘serious privacy risks’.

‘The dataset used by the group, which is partially funded by the National Research Foundation of Singapore and the Economic Development Board, contains a filtered and optimised set of 0.63mn users, whose path in space and time is interpreted as a ‘trajectory’. The group found that traditional anonymising methods, including the random substitution of a location within the trajectory, are unable to provide sufficient anonymity…’

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Why You Get Huge Medical Surprise Bills

nytimes-21driveby-drier-master315Out-of-network providers work on patients without their knowing it
‘Before his three-hour neck surgery for herniated disks in December, Peter Drier, 37, signed a pile of consent forms. A bank technology manager who had researched his insurance coverage, Mr. Drier was prepared when the bills started arriving: $56,000 from Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, $4,300 from the anesthesiologist and even $133,000 from his orthopedist, who he knew would accept a fraction of that fee.

‘He was blindsided, though, by a bill of about $117,000 from an “assistant surgeon,” a Queens-based neurosurgeon whom Mr. Drier did not recall meeting…’

A Great World War II Story
Stealing the Jewel Voice
by Dan Lewis of
‘On July 26, 1945, the United States, China, and Great Britain issued the Potsdam Declaration to Japan, in hopes of putting World War II to an end without further bloodshed. The declaration closed with an ultimatum: “We call upon the government of Japan to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all Japanese armed forces, and to provide proper and adequate assurances of their good faith in such action. The alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction.” On September 2nd — after two atomic bombs hit its cities, the Soviet Union invaded its territory, and American B-29s bombed its shores — Japan officially surrendered. The signing ceremony took place on the deck of the USS Missouri and, for the first time in years, the world was at relative peace.

‘But if it were up to a small cadre of Japanese, the surrendered would have never happened. This group, led by a high-ranking member of the Japanese military, attempted to prevent the surrender — not by overthrowing the empire, but by stealing a record…’

Aegis Malaysia apologizes to PH for derogatory video
And a British named Conlan who loves the Philippines deserves credit
‘…Aegis reportedly relayed that, “Since the acquisition of the People Support in 2008, the Philippines has been a catalyst for Aegis’ growth. We would like to articulate that Aegis has had a wonderful experience in the Philippines – great clients, a great leadership team and above all great employees.”

‘“We regret the upload of the recent video on Malaysia. The video was developed locally by an agency and uploaded in error and the contents were NOT approved by Aegis Corporate,” Aegis Limited reportedly told

‘On a positive note, the British national Malcolm Conlan, who was adamant in voicing out his defense of the Philippines over the derogatory video, has posted his pleasure over the apology, saying, “I am very very pleased that Aegis have apologized for the video.”…’

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Rolling Jubilee Makes Student Loans Disappear

boingboing-46531_297288527050595_1862553266_n‘Since November 2012, Rolling Jubilee has purchased and eradicated about $15 million worth of debt arising from unpaid medical bills. Today, the group announced that it has erased $3.9 million in private student loans, including Courtney Brown’s and those of almost 3,000 other students of the for-profit Everest College.

‘Rolling Jubilee is a project of a group of economic activists called Strike Debt, which formed out of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The group timed today’s announcement for the third anniversary of that protest. The word “jubilee” refers to a time decreed in the Bible, every 49th year, when all debts were ritually forgiven, and slaves and prisoners freed…’

Don’t stalk your spouse. Stalk your problematic domestic helper
Smartphones Are Used To Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims
‘…We found a trend: 85 percent of the shelters we surveyed say they’re working directly with victims whose abusers tracked them using GPS. Seventy-five percent say they’re working with victims whose abusers eavesdropped on their conversation remotely — using hidden mobile apps. And nearly half the shelters we surveyed have a policy against using Facebook on premises, because they are concerned a stalker can pinpoint location.

‘Counselors in St. Paul, Minn., had to call the police when an abuser banged on the safe house doors; he had tracked down his wife using GPS. In Dallas, a woman inside a group therapy session thought her phone was off, but it turns out it was feeding data to her abuser. In Jamaica Plain, Mass., counselors had to help one victim debug her shoes after finding a GPS tracker embedded in them. A few shelters say abusers gave iPhones to their children as a gift, during the parents’ separation, in order to track down the mom…’

British Man an Activist for the Philippines [Video]
‘Pinoy at heart’ British man reacts to Aegis’ anti-PH advert. Bravo Mr. Conlan

‘Malcolm Conlan, a British national married to a Filipina, who is known to have been actively defending Filipinos against bashers from all over the world, have expressed his opinion on the controversial Aegis Malaysia’s video which is now getting a lot of buzz online due to its direct attack on the Philippines as it cites reasons why the country is not a good place to invest in and promotes Malaysia as the perfect place for global investors instead.

‘On Sept. 20, Malcolm shared the viral video on his personal Facebook account and posted the following:…’

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First Filipina Charged with Online Libel in Facebook

kickerdaily-inset-cybercrime-law-270x249‘A WOMAN who allegedly maligned a single mother in a social networking site was the first person to be charged before the Cebu City Regional Trial Court for violating Republic Act (RA) 10175, or Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

‘Atara (real name withheld) was indicted by the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office after it found probable cause that she committed libel in relation to RA 10175.

‘Bail was set at P10,000 for Atara (real name withheld), who posted libelous messages against Vangie in her Facebook account. The accused also called Vangie names like “cheap.”

‘In her complaint, Vangie said that Atara sent her messages through cellular phone criticizing her for allegedly hurting a man on Sept. 16, 2013…’

Legal papers to be served via Facebook
Social-media users, beware — that next Facebook “poke” could be from a process server.

‘In a groundbreaking court ruling, a Staten Island man got permission to use Facebook to serve his ex-wife legal notice that he doesn’t want to pay any more child support.

‘A Family Court official ruled that Noel Biscocho could use Facebook to serve Anna Maria Antigua because other, more traditional methods to slap her with papers have not worked.

‘Staten Island Support Magistrate Gregory Gliedman noted in his Sept. 12 order that it was the first of its kind in New York, and also the first in the United States that didn’t involve an attempt to serve someone overseas…’

Experience People Movement to Combat Digital Addictions
‘…Rehab was once associated solely with alcohol and narcotics. As reliance on our mobile devices and tablets continue to develop, digital detoxes are increasingly necessary and popular. Detoxes allow people to turn-off at retreats and workshops, and a new initiative aims to make that disconnected lifestyle intuitive.

‘Experience People, a movement around digital enlightenment, encourages people to ditch their devices and find value in the physical world around them. Over the course of twelve weeks in 20 cities around the United States, entrepreneur Brian Hiss and filmmaker Rob Loud are on a journey to raise awareness for digital addiction and help establish a new relationship with technology in moderation. Hiss believes that people must continue to develop meaningful relationships, and only use technology as an aid to the experience…’

Bono should have kept his mouth shut about Apple’s new digital music format
‘Apple is working with U2 to develop a new music format that is designed to tackle piracy by making digital downloads of albums and songs a more attractive proposition, according to TIME magazine.

‘U2 frontman Bono told TIME that he was optimistic the new digital music format will prove so ‘irresistibly exciting’ that it will lure them away from the all-too-easy illegal downloading that the music industry often bemoans…’

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