Robots Cook in this Restaurant

psfk-Robots-restaurant-kunshan-700x468Do Robots Really Steal Our Jobs?

‘Robot usage in the global manufacturing industry has been climbing steadily since 2009, the MIT Technology Review reports.

‘Sourcing World Robotics, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the OECD, MIT found that robotic worker purchases increase every year. However, a closer look at the numbers indicates that robots aren’t taking jobs directly from human counterparts.

‘It’s hard to tell, but here’s a theory: when the economy is bad and sales are down, increased efficiency from robots keeps struggling auto industries afloat. When the economy is good and sales are up, robots and people both increase in number to meet demand. Robots require maintenance and oversight from humans, so if anything, more robots ought to mean more people when the economy demands it…’

Isn’t it ironic that while robots don’t steal our jobs, hi-tech inventions do?

‘A rapidly evolving Chinese workforce is being infiltrated with automated machines. While manual labor jobs were some of the first to be replaced with robots, the futuristic technology is making its way into the food industry.

‘A restaurant in Eastern Chinese city of Kunshan, is using more than a dozen robots as part of its everyday staff. The automated employees greet customers, carry food trays to tables, stir-fry vegetables, and cook fresh dumplings.

‘To carry out their duties, the robots have been equipped with limited artificial intelligence. Those in the kitchen are loaded with fresh ingredients and are left to whip up the hot meals…’

A Taxi with Karaoke Sing-along
Pinoy makes bigger name in the US for his Karaoke Cab
‘…Like most Filipinos, cab driver Joel Laguidao also loves to sing. The Red Top Cab Co. driver loves it so much that he installed his own portable karaoke machine in his cab, inviting passengers to sing along. He is also one to be remembered by his passengers as he has quite a remarkable singing voice as can be heard on the video below.

‘Laguidao’s entertaining karaoke cab earned him recognition and he was featured in the Washington Post and the US National Public Radio (NPR) website. He also made it to Today Show. Likewise, he made co-Filipinos proud. He became a celebrity in a different way…’

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The Extreme Reading Challenge [Video/Photos]

st-sampsons-winning-extreme-reading-photo-460x337Will you dare to join? ‘The ERC refers to people who push themselves out of their literary comfort by ploughing through numerous novels or any literary material available. ‘According to Metro, Phyllis Rose, an American author, literary critic, essayist, biographer, and educator, tasked herself with reading a random bookshelf of novels in the New York Society Library and then she went on to write about her experience. ‘Promoters of the ER Challenge, however, gives this message: “Obviously, we encourage you to keep safe ( We didn’t recommend reading in the jaws of a crocodile!), but we have really enjoyed seeing who in school has such a passion for reading that they had to do it anywhere and everywhere!)…’

The New Twitter Jargon Guide
Your Illustrated Guide To New Twitter Jargon
‘To help newbies sign up and start tweeting, the company has made a number of recent changes. Redesigned profiles, a giant World Cup marketing push, and rejiggering the Home timeline are just part of Twitter’s many attempts to make it friendlier for first-time users. ‘The problem: It’s not just Twitter’s design or interface that makes it an intimidating service for the average Internet user. It’s, well, Twitter users themselves. Habitual Twitter users like me have a habit of tossing out terms and references that are utterly opaque to newcomers:…’
the guide

Windows 9 to be Unveiled on the Next 2 Months
Why does it seem it’s always bad news everytime Windows releases a new version?
‘Microsoft is planning to unveil its Windows 8 successor next month at a special press event. Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans tell The Verge that the software maker is tentatively planning its press event for September 30th to detail upcoming changes to Windows as part of a release codenamed “Threshold.” This date may change, but the Threshold version of Windows is currently in development and Microsoft plans to release a preview version of what will likely be named Windows 9 to developers on September 30th or shortly afterwards. The date follows recent reports from ZDNet that suggested Microsoft is planning to release a preview version of Windows 9 in late September or early October…’

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Westboro Targets Robin Williams’ Funeral

says-it--demoFundamentalist Westboro Baptist Church will picket Williams funeral just because he played a gay man in film The Birdcage

‘An American extremist family church group has announced its intention to picket the forthcoming funeral of actor Robin Williams, who killed himself at his home in the San Francisco area last Monday.

‘The Westboro Baptist Church, an unaffiliated, fundamentalist Christian group whose chief aim is to preach while aggressively protesting any acceptance of homosexuality, declared its plans on the Twitter website on Saturday.

‘The vociferous Kansas-based fringe group is notorious for staging high-profile protests at military and other funerals, carrying offensive signs promising damnation to gays and lesbians and any individuals or nations that tolerate them in any way…’

Raising a Child? Save $245K for it
‘A child born in 2013 will drain an average of $245,340 from his or her middle-class parents over the kid’s first 18 years on Earth, a federal study revealed on Monday.

‘And that doesn’t even include the cost of college.

‘The figure is up $4,260, or almost 2 percent, from the year before, according to the report from the annual United States Department of Agriculture.

‘Factoring in inflation, the total cost will turn out to be closer to $340,480 in actual greenbacks spent.

‘The latest figures blow away results from the study’s first year, in 1960, when a middle-class household spent about $25,230 — or $198,560 in 2013 dollars — to raise a child until age 18…’

Solar Power Plant Burns Birds in Mid-air
Thousands of birds are igniting mid-air. What’s solar got to do with it?
‘At the $2.2 billion Ivanpah solar installation in California’s Mojave Desert, telltale plumes of smoke curl above the plant’s hyper-concentrated rays. According to federal wildlife officials, these smoke bombs are too big to be caused by insects or bits of trash. Nope — they’re the result of unlucky birds that actually ignite in mid-air.

‘Federal wildlife investigators who checked out the solar thermal plant last year report seeing about one singed bird every two minutes. Now, they’re calling on California officials to halt progress on a similar project until there can be further study of Ivanpah’s avian impact. (And its track record with tortoises isn’t that great, either.) So far, the results don’t look pretty: Current bird death toll estimates run as high as 28,000 a year…’

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Portable Solar Power for your Gadgets

psfk-solar4Closing Mainstream Energy Gaps

‘”I don’t like to see those people sitting on the floor by a plug by a bathroom,” NRG Retail president Elizabeth Killinger said. “I want people to be up and about living life freely.”

‘Goal Zero has found a niche providing power to the adventure market, be it hikers or mountain bikers that need juice to power their smartphones, tablets and GoPros. The Salt Lake City-based company had only $250,000 in revenue in 2009, its first full year of business, but expects to pull in $40 million in revenue this year. It’s grown to 120 employees. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed…’


Add Night Vision to your iPhone
Special Case Gives Your iPhone Heat Vision
‘FLIR One is an imaging accessory that weighs a hefty 3.9 ounces (almost as much as the phone), slides onto an iPhone 5 or 5s and adds a thermal imaging capabilities to the phone.

‘Unveiled at CES earlier this year, the device’s sole job is to detect invisible heat. It combines the heat signature information with the live camera image from your phone to deliver a composite thermal heat image. FLIR Systems says FLIR One is useful for detecting ventilation leaks around doors and windows, car engine trouble, over-heating circuitry and wiring and even allowing you to see when there is no light. No more stumbling around the pitch-black campground, hoping not to step on a raccoon…’
flir one


Not all US States allow heirs to access digital assets
Delaware becomes first state to give heirs broad digital assets access
‘Delaware has become the first state in the US to enact a law that ensures families’ rights to access the digital assets of loved ones during incapacitation or after death.

‘Last week, Gov. Jack Markell signed House Bill (HB) 345, “Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act,” which gives heirs and executors the same authority to take legal control of a digital account or device, just as they would take control of a physical asset or document.

‘Earlier this year, the Uniform Law Commission, a non-profit group that lobbies to enact model legislations across all jurisdictions in the United States, adopted its Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (UFADAA). Delaware is the first state to take the UFADAA and turn it into a bona fide law…’

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Global Parenting Habits Sans US

npr-gp-parenting3_wide-f35ebf4027069a823aa635d8e69d2814cb9f1e49-s4-c85In Norway, kids nap outside even in subzero temperatures
‘If there’s one thing have in common with those , it’s that they both show us just how varied parenting styles can be. Argentine parents let their kids stay up until all hours; Japanese parents let 7-year-olds ride the subway by themselves; and Danish parents leave their kids sleeping in a stroller on the curb while they go inside to shop or eat. Some might make American parents cringe, but others sure could use a close study. Vietnamese mothers, for instance, get their kids out of diapers by 9 months…’

The danger of silence [Video]
‘”We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don’t,” says slam poet and teacher Clint Smith. A short, powerful piece from the heart, about finding the courage to speak up against ignorance and injustice.

‘I will not let silence wrap itself around my indecision. I will tell Christian that he is a lion, a sanctuary of bravery and brilliance. I will ask that homeless man what his name is and how his day was, because sometimes all people want to be is human. I will tell that woman that my students can talk about transcendentalism like their last name was Thoreau, and just because you watched one episode of “The Wire” doesn’t mean you know anything about my kids. So this year, instead of giving something up, I will live every day as if there were a microphone tucked under my tongue, a stage on the underside of my inhibition. Because who has to have a soapbox when all you’ve ever needed is your voice?…’

Your US Patent Might be a Victim of Patent Office Incompetence
Your patent or trademark could have been approved otherwise
‘Prompted by multiple whistleblower complaints, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office began an internal investigation two years ago of an award-winning program that’s been praised in and outside government: Employees are allowed to work from home.

‘What the inquiry uncovered was alarming.

‘Some of the 8,300 patent examiners, about half of whom work from home full time, repeatedly lied about the hours they were putting in, and many were receiving bonuses for work they didn’t do. And when supervisors had evidence of fraud and asked to have the employee’s computer records pulled, they were rebuffed by top agency officials, ensuring that few cheaters were disciplined, investigators found…’

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Know Your Device Rights While Travelling

examiner-72cfa449eab57167dcc7b956c161a255‘You’ve left the plane and collected your luggage, and the last thing you want to do is submit to a customs search. Getting your souvenirs and taxable items out is a hassle, but nothing like the stomach churning thought of handing over your digital fingerprint to border officials.

‘When flying, we consent to put our laptops in separate x-ray bins for inspection. Likewise, depending on the routes we fly, we also consent to turn our phones and laptops on to prove they are genuine. But what about when the scrutiny our devices undergo reaches another level?

‘We’re going to explore what rights customs and TSA agents have to inspect your mobile devices and computers…’
First stop? The Great White North

The Online Incivility Known as Trolling
Even Zelda Williams who was mourning for his father Robin wasn’t spared and the trolling resulted in multiple account suspensions

‘That’s the dismal judgment of the handful of scholars who study the broad category of online incivility known as trolling, a problem whose scope is not clear, but whose victims keep mounting.

“’As long as the Internet keeps operating according to a click-based economy, trolls will maybe not win, but they will always be present,” said Whitney Phillips, a lecturer at Humboldt State University and the author of “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” a forthcoming book about her years of studying bad behavior online. “The faster that the whole media system goes, the more trolls have a foothold to stand on. They are perfectly calibrated to exploit the way media is disseminated these days.”

‘“Troll” is the fuzzy term for agitators who pop up, often anonymously, sometimes in mobs, in comment threads and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, apparently intent on wreaking havoc. The term is vague precisely because trolls lurk in darkness; their aims are unclear, their intentions unknown, their affiliations mysterious…’

8 Biggest Tech Rip-Offs and How To Avoid Them
‘Mainstream consumers have been using computers for more than 30 years, smartphones for at least half a decade and tablets for several years, but gadget vendors are betting that their customers aren’t tech savvy. How else can you explain why these companies would offer a bevy of overpriced or unnecessary products and services in hopes of fooling you into buying them? Don’t be their dupe. These are the top eight tech rip-offs — and how to avoid them…’
the ripoffs

The Digital SWAT Team of the White House
‘On Monday, the White House announced a new organization designed to help spruce up government websites and (it hopes) prevent another debacle. Called the U.S. Digital Service, it will be tasked with modernizing the government’s digital presence and revamping how the feds provide information and online services in ways that compare favorably with Amazon or Facebook.

‘The White House has hired Mikey Dickerson, the former Google engineer largely credited with resolving the catastrophe, to head USDS. The small organization will serve as consultants for other federal agencies, aiming to help them improve everything from user interfaces to database integration…’

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Trolling of Zelda Williams Triggers Suspension of Twitter and Facebook Accounts

justjared-zelda-williams-old-dogs-01Robin Williams’ daughter swears off social media after trolls trash her Twitter

‘Although most of the world expressed its condolences and well-wishes to the daughter of Robin Williams, cruel posts by trolls on her Twitter account has forced her to step away from her social media accounts indefinitely.

‘Zelda, 25, the daughter of Williams and Fil-American philanthropist Marsha Garces, announced that she was taking an indefinite leave from her Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram accounts after receiving cruel comments and pictures of her late father on social media.

‘One of the pictures contained a doctored image of Williams’ corpse.

Wikimedia turns its back on the open internet
‘Wikipedia’s vision is “a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.” It’s a value that we at Access share. So we were shocked last week when the Wikimedia Foundation, which supports and hosts Wikipedia, turned its back on the greatest driver of open access to information the world has ever known, the open internet.

‘In a blog post, the foundation’s Deputy Director Erik Moeller promoted a relatively new offering, Wikipedia Zero, a partnership with telecom companies to provide access to Wikipedia free of charge. The idea is to overcome the prohibitively expensive data charges that contribute to keeping many people around the world offline. In making the case for Zero, Moeller argued that the Wikimedia Foundation is committed to net neutrality — the notion that all online data should be treated equally — and that Zero doesn’t violate this fundamental concept of the open internet. We respectfully disagree. We believe that Zero clearly violates net neutrality and is an attack on the future of the open internet…’

How Do You Identify a Social Media Expert?
‘As social media has expanded into the immense communications platform it is today, along with that growth has come thousands of people claiming to be social media ‘experts’. Most in the field avoid such labels – to call yourself an expert in such an evolving and ever-changing landscape can be risky, and either way, if you are an expert, you probably don’t need to label yourself, others will do that for you. But that hasn’t stopped some, and while there are, of course, quite a few social media types who are experts who rightfully stake that claim, many are not. So how do you know who’s who? How do you sort the wheat from the chaff and establish who possesses genuine expertise, as opposed to those who just say it? Here’s a few queries and questions to ask when assessing a person’s social media presence to get some determination of their right to their ‘social media expert’ claims:…’

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