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Catch Snoops with your Webcam

I tried to add an image but WordPress is malfunctioning and won’t switch to visual mode ————– Snap a Picture of Whoever Logs on Your Laptop ‘If you suspect a coworkers or family member is snooping around your on your … Continue reading

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Boycott Monsanto with this Shopping App

Buycott Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers, Monsanto And More By Scanning Your Shopping Cart ‘…Burner created a mock interface for her app, but that’s as far as she got. She was waiting to find the right team to build out … Continue reading

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School Privatizers Buy State-Level Elections

‘Billing itself as “the nation’s voice for educational choice,” the American Federation for Children pushes forward students of color as the beneficiaries of its lobbying work, but the politicians they support are not exactly heroes of the civil-rights movement. ‘Dark … Continue reading

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Are Facebookers Anti-activists?

Unbelievable. These haters are so cheap they even bully the respected paralyzed professor ‘…Israelis reacted angrily to the decision and Prof Hawking, 71, was subjected to a spate of abusive messages on Facebook mocking his physical disability. ‘Israel Maimon, the … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: iPad Users are Frustrated

‘During a CNBC interview this morning, Gates continued to toe the party line insofar as he praised the benefits of Microsoft’s tablets and Windows 8 while explaining that iPad users are frustrated because they have trouble typing and creating documents. … Continue reading

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