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Getting Wounded on the Street Has New Danger

Woman Falls Off Bike, Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria ‘The story starts with Kylie’s bike and a bad idea. “‘I kind of knew from the beginning. It wasn’t the most genius idea,” she said. “I wasn’t really wanting to play the game,” … Continue reading

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No Connection Between Heart Disease and Fat

That’s according to Cambridge Author says focus on carb intake instead. And this piece doesn’t mean fat is all right. Fat can still give you lethal diseases like HBP and allergy ‘Cambridge has finally finished a series of eighty studies … Continue reading

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Why Do We Board Airplanes the Dumb Way?

‘There are many ways to board a plane, with “back-to-front”—the chosen boarding process of most U.S. carriers—the slowest. It is so ineffective that timed research shows that simple random boarding ends up being faster. ‘One possibility is that airlines have … Continue reading

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New Gas Earth-Healthier but Pricier!?

How in hell can that happen!? EPA’s New Rule Will Make Gas Pricier, Earth-Healthier ‘The Environmental Protection Agency plans to unveil a major new regulation on Monday that forces oil refiners to strip out sulfur, a smog-forming pollutant linked to … Continue reading

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The Problem With Any ‘Diabetic Cure’

The basic info which every Diabetes researcher should know Geoff Willmetts’ comment on LinkedIn: ‘…I think the latest estimate is that there’s about a quarter million Type One diabetics in the UK. It’s rare that the diabetes kills us, just … Continue reading

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Scientists Discover ‘New’ Area of Brain

North star is changing. Earth’s poles are shifting. Is there a cosmic connection between the three? ‘A new brain region that appears to help humans identify whether they have made bad decisions has been discovered by researchers. ‘The size and … Continue reading

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The Web Junkie and “Internet Gaming Disorder”

A Harrowing Documentary on China’s Internet Addiction Rehab Clinics ‘“What did you do?” a man asks the boy. “I used the Internet,” the boy replies. He’s barely able to summon the words. “My Dad brought me here to see the … Continue reading

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