More Bionic Now

Do you remember the ‘Bionic Man’ of the 70’s? Well, the bionic eye is now a reality. Look for ‘Bionic Vision’ (Cheri Robertson) at YouTube.
Now, we have the i-Limb bionic hand.
From Touch Bionics:

‘Early in his recovery at BAMC, Sgt. Arredondo began to work with Hanger and its clinicians. He has been fitted with multiple prosthetic solutions, both body-powered and myoelectric. The body-powered arm, with a cable that pulls on the arm and rubber bands used for resistance, was “pretty efficient and durable” but awkward and did not move naturally. “It looks like a lobster claw, just opens and closes.”

When he first saw the i-LIMB Hand, Sgt. Arredondo was drawn to how “cool” it looked. Functionally, he sees the i-LIMB hand as bringing together the best of both his previous prostheses, body-powered and myoelectric.’
How long before we have a totally bionic body?


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