7.8m Earthquake Moves Two Countries

7.8 magnitude earthquake brought New Zealand and Australia closer to each other by about 12 inches:

‘There’s nothing like a 7.8 magnitude earthquake to bring two countries together—literally. The temblor that hit New Zealand last week has shoved its southern island about 12 inches closer to Australia, TVNZ reports. That might not sound like much, but considering that New Zealand typically moves about a third of an inch per year, it’s a huge overnight shift, geologists say.

‘The shift also proves just how big a bullet New Zealand dodged. “New Zealand has been very fortunate,” said one geologist. “This earthquake anywhere else would have caused huge damage.”’ Kevin Spak Source: TVNZ


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2 Responses to 7.8m Earthquake Moves Two Countries

  1. pochp says:

    As the geologist said, “This earthquake anywhere else would have caused huge damage.”
    One advantage of a small country.


  2. lori78 says:

    Earthquakes are good for the planet’s health, but really dangerous for people. Thank God it didn’t cause much damage.


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