Police Attacked in Massacre Town/Why the Philippines’ Maguindanao Massacre Happened

This isn’t surprising. It wouldn’t even be shocking if Andal jr. gets murdered before his hearing ends:

‘…Last Friday, irate journalists, some of them NPC members, were seen shoving enlarged pictures of the massacre victims to Andal Jr.’s face while he was being brought to the Department of Justice (DOJ) office for the preliminary investigation. He was even hit in the eye with a camera, reportedly by accident.

‘Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chair Leila de Lima said the media men went “overboard” in their treatment of Andal Jr. She said expression of outrage “can be done without physically harming the object of outrage.”

‘Antiporda said they are determining if some of their members intentionally hurt Andal Jr. “Pamumunuan natin ang pagdisiplina sa ating hanay (We will discipline our ranks).” Antiporda said he agreed with De Lima that one should not let his emotions get the better of him. He, however, maintained that at least for now, NPC members should not be accused of hurting Andal Jr. on purpose.’ –yahoo.com/gma/

MANILA (AFP) – – Gunmen attacked a police convoy transporting evidence of an election-linked massacre in the southern Philippines late Thursday, damaging a vehicle but leaving no casualties, the military said.

The military rushed troops and armoured vehicles to rescue the policemen as the military chief of staff reported news of the ambush at a joint session of the legislature, which was sat to debate the legality of martial law imposed in Maguindanao province last week.

“One of the police cars at the rear of the convoy was hit with bullets,” General Victor Ibrado told the legislature, describing the ambush on a highway on the outskirts of Ampatuan town. –Yahoo

This is an example of how brutal a clan war could be. And you could be sure
this is happening in other Philippine provinces too:

…’On Monday, on a highway cutting through a banana grove, a large force of gunmen – reports say around 100 – intercepted the convoy of family members and supporters of Buluan vice-mayor Esmael Mangudadatu, also from a prominent local Muslim clan. They were on their way to the provincial capital to file his candidacy papers for Maguindanao’s governorship in next year’s general elections. It’s a position that Ampatuan’s father had occupied unopposed since 2001 and which Ampatuan planned to contest to keep the seat in the family. The Mangudadatu group was herded to what appears to have been a prepared killing ground in a hilly area a few kilometers from the highway. Television footage showed bullet-ridden bodies sprawled around the vehicles; others had been thrown into in a mass grave and covered with earth. There are signs that the killing was done at point-blank range, using high-powered firearms. A mechanical digger at the site was used to bury some of the bodies and vehicles. It is presumed everyone in the group died…

…’The authorities are now desperately trying to prevent a revenge-driven clan war – or “rido” as it is called in Mindanao – between the two families. A day after the killings, Arroyo put two southern provinces and a city under a state of emergency and deployed more troops to the area. All permits to carry firearms there have been canceled. “Retaliatory violence can be expected although a small chink of hope remains that Mangudadatu may rise above rido and avert further bloodshed,” says Ian Bryson, a regional analyst at Singapore-based Control Risks’… –Time


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