Prejudice Against Redheads!? -updated

Another issue on the redheads just after yesterday!:

‘In another case of redheads fighting back against the injustices of the world, Britain’s advertising watchdog has banned a newspaper ad for being “anti-ginger” after three people complained. The ad, for a TV show called Dating in the Dark, reads: “How do you spot a ginger in the dark?… Looks or personality, who wins?” The Advertising Standards Authority said it implied “that people with ginger hair were unattractive,” notes the Independent.

‘They aren’t the only Brits seeing red. Yesterday UK supermarket giant Tesco apologized for selling a greeting card that said, “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones.”’ –Independent

This is the weirdest prejudice I’ve ever seen: against the redhairs. Just why would anyone have that!? I’ve read thousands of fiction and non-fiction books and there was only one reference I remember about redheads: a superstition in pre-modern Japan:

‘British supermarket giant Tesco has yanked a card from its shelves that poked fun at redheads after complaints from the outraged, red-haired mother of three redheaded daughters. The company said the card—which pictured a red-headed toddler with Santa and the words “Santa loves all kids. Even ginger ones”—wasn’t mean to upset anybody, the BBC reports.

‘”I thought maybe it was just me because I am a mother of kids with red hair, but a lot of my friends and other people are absolutely disgusted,” said the complaining mom. “If the card had been about an overweight child the shop would have been shut down, and so would the people who made the card.”‘

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18 Responses to Prejudice Against Redheads!? -updated

  1. arose4arose says:

    When I had heard about the Christmas card that is mentioned in this post, I just couldn’t believe it. As a natural redhead, I didn’t know if I should have shook my head at this or laugh. I don’t understand how the Brits can think doing things like that is acceptable yet if someone made an ad or commercial that said ‘Protect yourself from STD’s. Stay away from blondes.’ the world would be in an uproar.


    • pochp says:

      Hi Arose4. I’m amazed too that this issue never ends.

      ‘…yet if someone made an ad or commercial that said ‘Protect yourself from STD’s. Stay away from blondes.’ the world would be in an uproar.’

      I think a redhead should do this and see what happens 🙂 Thanks Arose


  2. Gryphon says:

    If you take the post out of moderation that has two links I believe they will provide you with some very useful information.

    I have encountered red hair prejudice in my own life in the U.S. I have heard red heads described as quick to anger and sexually passionate. These are of course gross stereotypes. It is my belief that not only the vividness of the hair color but also its rarity accounts for much of this. One of the articles I linked said some of the British prejudice may be a carry over from ancient times when the Celts loved to come in and invade and plunder and their being a tendency to red hair Irish people……… well…


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