Want to try the Divorce Voucher Gift?

Maybe even non-brits can travel to London, use the gift, and still save money?:

‘Debating whether to give a holiday gift to your cheating spouse? Try a divorce voucher—they’re all the rage in London. A law firm is offering discounted vouchers for divorce advice, just in time for the merriest of all seasons, and so far, they’re selling quite well. “They seem to appeal to an enormously widespread spectrum of people looking for that ‘must have’ gift for Christmas,” an exec tells Reuters.

‘Not surprisingly, the Church of England is not amused: “Divorce is a very personal matter and not really suitable for the idea of gift vouchers which are presents from other people,” a spokesperson says.’ –Reuters


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2 Responses to Want to try the Divorce Voucher Gift?

  1. pochp says:

    As your name implies LOL. Thanks TDE!


  2. Love this- wish we had them in the US!


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