The Seven Americas?

Facebook data reveal a map of close regional ties
There seems to be a trend dividing the 50 states into the ‘Seven Americas’.
Are you in favor?

‘Where do your friends live? For most people, the answer is “nearby.” PeteSearch compiled data from 210 million public Facebook profiles, mapping where our friends connections are, and found some tight regional clustering—and some big divisions. The blog breaks the country into seven distinct groupings’:

Stayathomia: People in this Northeast region, stretching from New York to Minnesota, form very tight geographic connections, with most friends living in neighboring cities.
Dixie: A fairly intuitive “Old South” grouping, with Atlanta as the network’s hub.
Greater Texas: Places like Missouri, Louisiana, and Arkansas are connected more to this Dallas-centric group than the South.
Nomadic West: In this huge region, even small towns are strongly connected to distant big cities.
Mormonia: A slice of tightly-knit Utah and Eastern Idaho towns inside, but isolated from, the Nomadic West.
Socalistan: LA is king here, linked to almost everywhere in California and Nevada—and many exterior cities, too. Outside the big cities though, Californians form very tight clusters.
Pacifica: This Seattle-centric area has surprisingly few connections outside of Washington. –Pete Search


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4 Responses to The Seven Americas?

  1. museditions says:

    No I am not in favor. But I like my neighborhood to be the whole world!


    • pochp says:

      You know Muse, I was already planning to visit you then you beat me AGAIN to it!
      It seems we SENSE each other now doesn’t it? Glad you’re back!
      Now that’s a unique, original wish I like to do too!


  2. pochp says:

    Did you write about it too? I might get ideas from you. Thanks D.


  3. David Spira says:

    I found the same article. Very interesting stuff.


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