Panic Button: Facebook Concedes

So Facebook has learned to concede after 44 police chiefs in the UK signed a letter backing the call for a panic button on every Facebook page.

(NEWSER) – Conceding to pressure from child protection advocates, Facebook has agreed to put a “panic button” on every page of its site in the UK. The button, aimed at children and teenagers, will send an alert to both Facebook and a government child protection agency. The agency had called for the button in the wake of the rape and murder of British teen Ashleigh Hall by a 33-year-old-sex offender posing as a teenage boy who she met on the site.

Facebook initially resisted the button, saying its own controls were sufficient. It agreed to the measure after months of negotiation and after 44 police chiefs in the UK signed a letter backing the call for a panic button on every Facebook page. Rival sites MySpace and Bebo also have the button. “Both sides are happy of where we have got to,” a Facebook rep told the BBC.

Windows XP SP2 Still Useable

‘Maybe you didn’t get the memo: Today marks the end of patches for Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2). And you’re still running the nearly-six-year-old edition.
‘But XP SP2 won’t shudder to a stop. Although Tuesday marks the support retirement of the service pack — a date that some have called a “red alert” for people running SP2 — that doesn’t mean your copy of Windows will suddenly refuse to run.

‘It does mean that, after today, Microsoft will not offer any security patches, no matter how severe the vulnerability, no matter what part of Windows or associated component is involved. No more Windows patches — and no more patches for Internet Explorer (IE) , no patches for Windows Media Player, no patches for Outlook Express…’
But if you still want to run SP2 safely, click this:

Here’s another alternative from Marco Braida which I think is better. (You can just simply install Ubuntu in Windows and not follow all other suggestions):

Windows Ubuntu Installation

Wubi, (never used and never suggested) basically installs Ubuntu into a file on your hard disk windows partition.
Something like C:\ubuntu\root.disk, by default (or in a similar location in another hard disk, if that’s what you selected).
So if you loose ability to access to your ntfs partitions i think you will loose your Ubuntu installation and data. I suggest you to install Ubuntu NOT using Wubi.
If you have installed Ubuntu via Wubi please uninstall it read and

Installing Ubuntu using Wubi make Ubuntu less robust and all problems that you will have to Windows can be affect your Ubuntu partition file.

Please note that install Ubuntu using Wubi isn’t the best you can do, nothing wrong, but installing a secure operative system Ubuntu into an unsecure operative system using Wubi is not the better choice you can do: problems that come in Windows might be damage your Ubuntu installation.
Wubi does not install Ubuntu directly to its own partition.
Wubi install Ubuntu into a big file as an image file on the NTFS partition.
So you are free to try Ubuntu in this way but if you want perform a regular Ubuntu dual boot mode installation, to have Ubuntu partitions isolated from Windows partitions: please made a new question.

Here more detail:
I strongly suggest you to install Ubuntu+Windows in dual mode creating a real Ubuntu ext3 or ext4 partition.
In this mode you can use Ubuntu and Windows ad usual and then using installed Ubuntu you can save or repair damaged (due viruses or other issue) Windows partitions data.

– Here the steps to install Ubuntu 10.04

Is very easy to install, if you need info please ask.
Welcome to Ubuntu

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