Why McDonald’s Food Never Decays

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, First Lady...

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Started by New York photographer Sally Davies, as a part-art, part-food science experiment, the Happy Meal Project involves Davies documenting a Happy Meal every few days until it spoils. At day 137, the meal still looks pretty great.

And then there are other, more shocking examples of McDonald’s food’s weird indestructibility: like this poor burger that’s been around for 12 years. This one managed to stave off mold for a year and this one’s been around the country in this lady’s purse for more than four years. Each experiment, of course, brings with it a new wave of fear and outrage over the chemicals and preservatives that are making our fast food almost inorganic… Read more:

How Drinking Prolongs Living

Which kind of alcoholic drinks are best for your health?

People who drink heavily live longer than those who completely abstain from alcohol, according to a new study conducted by a psychologist at the University of Texas. How, exactly, does booze extend your lifespan?

It seems to decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes, although no one knows exactly how that happens. Researchers are nearly certain that regular consumption of alcohol increases levels of HDL, the so-called “good cholesterol,” although physicians disagree on whether this can account for the decrease in heart disease among drinkers. Generally speaking, those who consume two beverages per day increase their HDL levels by between 5 percent and 10 percent, which some believe corresponds to a 10 percent reduction in risk for heart disease…
Read more: http://www.slate.com/id/2265659/?from=rss

We are What we Eat

Watch this video about catfish production along the polluted Mekong River. But I warn you -this might make you vomit. -http://www.vimeo.com/11817894
Visit safecatfish.com for more information.

White House Fingers PlayStation As Obesity Culprit

theodp writes “The winners of the [0]childhood obesity infographic design contest sponsored by [1]GOOD and First Lady Michelle Obama’s [2]Let’s Move! initiative are in, and the overall winner [3]calls out Sony’s PlayStation as a major milestone on its timeline of childhood obesity (together with Coke, Pepsi, mall food courts, fructose and high sugar tariffs, TV, McDonald’s, and other fast food). Somewhat ironically, the First Lady’s other anti-childhood obesity efforts [4]include a $60,000 video game contest.”


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