Unique Bloggers vs Righteous Publishers

I also reblog articles (but always with attribution) without asking for permission but made it clear that I will meekly return or delete the copied article if any author would ever ask me to.

Just yesterday, I saw one of my post title almost copied by an A-list blog and I thought of copyright violations -although this one really isn’t. Now if you think unique bloggers can’t get angry on how some ‘copyrighteous’ publishers treat us, think again. This case of Monica Gaudio vs. CooksSource will be on blogging history.

The Day The Internet Threw A Righteous Hissyfit About Copyright And Pie

‘On Wednesday evening, a blogger named Monica Gaudio posted a story in which she told of learning that Cooks Source had taken a piece she wrote about apple pie — specifically this one — and simply copied it into the magazine. As you can see from the scanned page (Gawker, for instance, has it), the magazine credited Gaudio with a byline. It didn’t pretend to have come up with her story itself; it just seemed to believe it could copy her story and run it in a free, ad-supported (and therefore revenue-generating) magazine without telling her, let alone compensating her.

‘Well, Gaudio says she dropped the magazine an angry email or two asking for an apology and a donation to the Columbia School of Journalism. The response she got combined three things that inspire online rage: misinformation, disrespect for creative people, and jaw-dropping condescension. In her recounting of what has become The E-Mail Blogged Round The World, Gaudio says that Cooks Source editor Judith Griggs sent her a note that said, among other things, this:

Publishing or reblogging articles with attribution but without the author’s permission might not be unethical. But if the author demands for an apology and his/her article deleted, then the publisher should meekly grant the request. Do you agree?

Another blogging guru teaches that one of the fastest way to build up your blog is leveraging the audience of bigger bloggers in your niche. That might not be unethical IF you don’t do it intentionally. Do you think so too?

Palin Publisher Sues Gawker for Book Leak

Here is another big case about copyright infringement.
In case you don’t know, Gawker is a very popular on-line news site. It refused to take down excerpts from Palin’s book America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag after HarperCollins, the publisher, demanded that they do so HarperCollins filed a lawsuit.

What Gawker published are images of 21 of the book’s pages and its dedication page. Palin herself discovered that and asked HP, “Isn’t that illegal?”.

Wikileaks Spawns

Ex-WikiLeakers to Launch Competing Site

So the Feds should not rejoice at Assange’s retreat after all.

WikiLeaks, the document-leaking website that has come under intense pressure after publishing classified U.S. military documents, is facing a new challenge: competition.

‘A group that includes former WikiLeaks staffers who left the organization after disagreements with founder Julian Assange is pursuing plans for a rival document-leaking venture, said people familiar with their plans.

‘These people said one of the leaders of the new initiative is Daniel Domscheit-Berg, a top WikiLeaks lieutenant who quit in September. Mr. Domscheit-Berg, a German, is planning to launch new technology to assist whistle-blowers who want to leak documents, said people with knowledge of the matter.

“There is some indication that Daniel and some others are setting up a similar venue, and we wish them luck,” said Kristinn Hrafnsson, a WikiLeaks spokesman, in a recent interview in London. “It would be good to have more organizations like WikiLeaks.”

Read more:

China-Japan Sea ‘Collision’ Hits YouTube

Video leak heightens tension


‘China has again put the blame on Japan for a maritime incident two months ago that sparked the worst row between the Asian powers in years, after the leak of a video apparently showing the collision.

‘The Japanese coastguard arrested a Chinese trawler captain in early September for allegedly ramming two of its patrol boats near a disputed island chain in the East China Sea, sparking a barrage of protests from Beijing.

‘The incident was sensitive because both sides claim the potentially resource-rich islets, known as the Diaoyus in China and Senkakus in Japan, along with the nearby seas where the incidents took place…’ Details:


Lottery Winners Give Entire Jackpot Away

You imagine you win the lottery and find it difficult as to what to do with the money. Take this tip from an $11.2 M winner.


‘They won $11.2 million from a lottery ticket in July. And now every penny is gone. But Allen and Violet Large didn’t spend any of it on themselves. And that’s just the way they like it.

“What you’ve never had, you never miss,” said Violet, 78.

‘Married since 1974, the Lower Truro couple don’t live large. They don’t travel, they don’t gamble and they don’t buy what they don’t need.

“We have an old house, but we’re comfortable and we’re happy in it,” Violet said…’ Details: http://thechronicleherald.ca/Front/1210191.html

Indonesia Volcano Death Toll Doubles

Searing gas cloud kills dozens in ‘safe zone’ pushing the death toll above 100.

‘Blistering gas from Indonesia’s most volatile volcano spewed farther than expected Friday, incinerating houses at the edge of the danger zone, triggering chaotic evacuations and pushing the death toll above 100.

‘Soldiers joined overnight rescue operations in Bronggang, nine miles (15 kilometers) from the crater ofMount Merapi, pulling at least 58 corpses from smoldering homes and streets blanketed by ash up to one foot (30 centimeters) deep.

‘Dozens of injured people _ with clothes, blankets and even mattresses fused to their skin by the 1,400degree Fahrenheit (750 degree Celsius) gas clouds _ were carried away on stretchers.

‘Authorities extended Mount Merapi’s danger zone by three miles (five kilometers) to 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the crater after the new eruption, said Subandrio, a state volcanologist.

‘The eruption just before midnight was six times as powerful as Merapi’s initial blast on Oct. 26, sending men with ash-covered faces streaming down the scorched slopes on motorcycles. Truckloads of women and children, many crying, followed. AP

Add USB Ports to Your Computer

Way back when a computer came with only one or two USB ports, but now that every gadget under the sun can work with USB things have changed. No longer do we have separate plugs for mice, keyboards and printers… ps/2, parallel and the like are all gone, replaced with simple USB ports. New computers usually come with lots of them built-in, but a lot of people still manage to run out of spaces to plug in gadgets and peripherals. This article describes how to add USB ports to your computer two ways:

The hard way: adding new hardware.

The easy way: get a USB hub.




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4 Responses to Unique Bloggers vs Righteous Publishers

  1. pochp says:

    That’s exactly the message at Lorelle.wordpress.
    Btw, your comment at WP Writers Group is active and have my reply. Thanks.


  2. Heart says:

    Sorry, I was cleaning up my subscriptions and realized I never read this! This is atrocious, sorry that it happened.. What does Copyrights say about derived titles or derived works.. It is crazy that your own well thought piece would just be copied and pasted on another site and in her case Gawker!!


    • pochp says:

      Hey Heart,
      You don’t have to be sorry for that.
      It’s not only crazy but also shameless since the editor of CooksSource (not Gawker) refuses to apologize and also said that the author should be grateful that her piece was published. I’m just wondering why the blogosphere seems to be treating this case lightly.


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