Passenger Warned Crew About ‘Two-Faced’ Flier

So not only the 2-faced flyer made the security people scramble. A passenger claims now that she warned the crew about him but no one paid attention.

“It wasn’t a real person’s skin. It looked plastic,” she told CNN. I said to the flight attendant, ‘Did you check out that person’s hands? They seem like they belong to a 20-year-old kid. There are no wrinkles.’ She said ‘good observation.'”

‘After not getting a response, she said she spoke to a second flight attendant.

“Did you check it out? I’m feeling nervous going on this flight,” she said she told the attendant. “He said ‘We’ll look into it,’ then again nobody said anything.”

‘Finally, she said, she spoke to a third flight attendant before the plane departed Hong Kong. The attendant told her the man had not done anything wrong and explained he may have a medical condition…’ Details:

US Knew of, Didn’t Close Air Cargo Security Gaps

How many times more does this have to happen? It seems the government is begging for a class lawsuit.

Despite knowing for decades that terrorists could sneak bombs onto planes, the U.S. government failed to close obvious security gaps amid pressure from shipping companies fearful tighter controls would cost too much and delay deliveries. –AP

‘Mystery Missile’ May Be a Jet

‘That mystery “missile” launched last night off of the coast of Los Angeles? It probably wasn’t a missile at all, several leading defense analysts say.

‘The various arms of the U.S. military scrambled this morning to explain the creepy footage, snapped by a CBS news helicopter, of what appeared to be a missile flying into the air, not far from Los Angeles. U.S. Strategic Command, Northern Command, Air Force Space Command, Air Force Global Strike Command, the Navy and the Missile Defense Agency were all left struggling to give an answer for what appeared to be a rogue ICBM. But to director John Pike, there’s an easy explanation: “It is obviously an airplane.”…’ Details:

Wheelchair Hero Tackles Angry Customer

He successfully defended the shopkeeper.

‘A Vancouver man who uses a wheelchair is being hailed as a hero after coming to the aid of a shopkeeper defending herself against an angry customer.
The customer was trying to pass a counterfeit $50 bill in Cindy Grewal’s East Vancouver convenience store on Saturday night, the shopkeeper said.

‘When she told him she would not honour the currency and refused to return it to the man, he got angry and came behind the counter, Grewal said. That’s when Larry Skopnik got involved.

“Boom, I try to grab him,” said Skopnik, who is paraplegic and has been using a wheelchair since breaking his back 10 years ago.
‘The two men started throwing punches at each other.
“His weight pulled me out of my chair,” Skopnik said.
‘He said he continued to hold on to the man until two other men came to Skopnik’s aid and held the man until police arrived…’ Details and video:

Networkworld’s Favorite Techie Yule Gifts

The Top Picks from the Cool Yule Elves from 2010

Netanyahu Fires Back After Obama Dig

So it’s obvious now that Obama and Netanyahu doesn’t love each other. I never remember the US and Israel heads ever disliked each other.

‘The retort came after President Obama criticized Israel’s plan to add 1,300 homes in the disputed eastern zone of the capital, notes the Jerusalem Post.

“Jerusalem is not a settlement, it is the capitol of Israel,” the office of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday in a sharp retort to international criticism about plans for 1,345 homes in Jewish neighborhoods of east Jerusalem…’ Details:


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