Internet Groups To Stream Live IPv4/6 Info

Internet Groups To Stream Live IPv4/6 Info
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Just another cyberwar.

‘The online group Anonymous said Wednesday that it had paralyzed the Egyptian government’s Web sites in support of the antigovernment protests.

‘Anonymous, a loosely defined group of hackers from all over the world, gathered about 500 supporters in online forums and used software tools to bring down the sites of the Ministry of Information and President Hosni Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, said Gregg Housh, a member of the group who disavows any illegal activity himself. The sites were unavailable Wednesday afternoon…’

Massive Storm Leaves Frozen Footprint Across U.S.

My brother-in-law in Wisconsin had to leave his SUV stuck in snow and walk home about a mile. His hands were frozen when he arrived home. His gloves were too thin.

‘Residents across a huge swath of the U.S. were left shivering in Arctic-like temperatures a day after a 2,000-mile-long winter storm barreled through, dumping record or near-record amounts of snow, downing power lines and caving in roofs.

‘Wind chills dipped to nearly 30 below zero in some parts early Thursday as people began digging out from the sprawling system. It unloaded as much as 2 feet of snow, crippled airports and stranded drivers in downtown Chicago. Much of Texas was under a hard freeze warning Wednesday; light snowfall stubbornly lingered into the night in Maine.

‘Even the sunny Southwest wasn’t spared: Freezing temperatures delayed Thursday’s opening round of the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, Ariz., and led to school closures in parts of New Mexico.

“Behind this system, there is cold air pouring south,” National Weather Service Deputy Director Laura Furgione said. “Chicago is seeing winds gusting to 70 mph, which is near hurricane strength.”…’

‘Death by GPS’ Increasing

‘Five harrowing days after becoming stuck on a remote backcountry road in Death Valley National Park in August 2009, Alicia Sanchez lay down next to her Jeep Cherokee and prepared to die. Then she heard a voice.

“I called as I approached, asking if she was okay,” wrote Ranger Amber Nattrass in a park report. “She was waving frantically and screaming, ‘My baby is dead, my baby is dead.’ ”

‘In the SUV, Nattrass found Sanchez’s lifeless 6-year-old son Carlos on the front seat. “She told me they walked 10 miles but couldn’t find any help (and) … had run out of water and had been drinking their own urine,” Nattrass wrote.

“She turned down a wrong road,” Nattrass said in a recent interview. “She said she was following her GPS unit.”…’

Why Meghan will Always Love Snail Mail

E-mail, Twitter, Facebook — they’re fine, but nothing can really replace the real magical snail mail.
By Meghan Daum:,0,5359145.column

How To Monitor What Application Is Eating Up Your Resources In Windows 7

We all know that the longer you use your computer, the slower it will become. There are plenty of times when we experienced this slow PC syndrome and we have totally no idea which application is taking up all the resources. What if there is a way to track and monitor your applications and check which one is causing problem in your system?

We have previously covered how to use the Resource Monitor to track your application. In this article, we are going to show you a more powerful tool – Process Monitor, to get the job done.


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2 Responses to Internet Groups To Stream Live IPv4/6 Info

  1. David Spira says:

    The weather in the US has been crazy. I used to live in Buffalo, NY (which is known for snow.) Now I live in New Jersey, and this Winter feels like I’m back in Buffalo.


    • pochp says:

      I thought you were still in NY.
      This might just be the year of craziest world weather. Here in Manila,
      Feb is supposed to warmer than Jan but it’s now the reverse!


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