Worker Fired for Posting ‘What Is the Internet’ Video

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Everyone thought it was funny but NBC doesn’t.

‘An NBC worker who posted old footage from the “Today” show of the hosts wondering, “What is the Internet anyway?” has been fired, the network confirmed, saying the person had a history of distributing material without permission.

‘The footage, in which Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel and Elizabeth Vargas try to figure out the Internet and e-mail addresses, made the rounds via said Internet last week, posted and re-posted to Facebook pages and sent via e-mail.

‘Filmed in 1994, the clip features Gumbel demanding, with a befuddled expression: “What is the Internet anyway?” and Couric stumbling to define it as: “that massive computer network, the one that’s becoming really big now.”…’

Neighbors Save Man Buried Under Snow 4 Hours

A woman spotted only his hand with binoculars. Also in Wisconsin, my brother-in-law only got his hands frozen thankfully too.

‘After falling in his driveway during a powerful blizzard and getting buried beneath a snowdrift, Joe Latta is alive thanks at a worried neighbor and her binoculars.

‘Latta is a 66-year-old retired autoworker who has a morning routine. His cats awaken him at 5 a.m. to be fed, and he heads down the driveway of his Janesville, Wis., house to get his newspaper and mail.

‘As the fierce storm blew outside his door early Wednesday morning, Latta pulled a jacket over his sweat suit, donned a baseball cap and pair of gloves, opened his garage door and headed out…’

Banks Phasing Out Free Checking Accounts

Of course the poorest depositors will be hit the hardest -as always.

‘At many big banks, no more free checking. Saying new banking rules will cost them billions of dollars a year, the big banks plan to bring back maintenance fees on basic checking accounts…’,0,678288.story

Eight Ways to Sleep Tight at Last

‘Allow me to share with you the things that I have found to be most powerful when it comes to regaining your control over the night. The following points have worked wonders for me (certainly some more than others, or for different periods of time), and I trust they’ll be of benefit to you…’
10 Ways To Improve Your Sleep And Take Back Control:

eBook Lending on the Rise

‘Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other sellers of electronic books and readers have been working to improve upon the experience of getting lost in a good read. Until recently, however, the rapidly growing e-literature market has been hard-pressed to emulate one of the fundamental joys of book ownership—lending…’


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