The Eight-Hour Sleep Myth

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Are you one of those who keep up with the 8-hour sleep regimen because you’re a health buff? Yet something at the back of your mind tells you it isn’t necessary. Your instinct is proven right by this study.

This myth might have damaged us all who believed it. When I started to fail getting 8 hours of sleep straight, I thought I was getting unhealthy or it’s part of aging. I bet most of us believe that too. Now sleep historian Natalie Wolchover claims that the 8-hour-sleep is a myth thanks to her. She says that it’s more natural to sleep in 2 four-hour shifts. Our bodies naturally gravitate towards nocturnal awakenings. So if you have ‘insomnia’, your body might be actually trying to be healthy.

This study also proves ‘light pollution’. It was Edison’s lightbulb that started changing our sleeping habits. And it’s mind-boggling to see how the invention of electric light affected the biorhythm of humankind.

‘…References to “first sleep” or “deep sleep” and “second sleep” or “morning sleep” abound in legal depositions, literature and other archival documents from pre-Industrial European times. Gradually, though, during the 19th century, “language changed and references to segmented sleep fell away,” said Ekirch. “Now people call it insomnia.”…’

So if someone or something breaks your 8-hour sleep, don’t get mad thinking it’s unhealthy (unless you need to catch up on sleep or you’re ill).


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Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants

‘The American Civil Liberties Union has taken up the cause of a Maryland man who was forced to cough up his Facebook password during a job interview with the Department of Corrections in that state.

‘According to an ACLU letter sent to the Maryland Department of Corrections, the organization requires that new applicants and those applying for recertifications give the government “their social media account usernames and personal passwords for use in employee background checks.”

‘The ACLU calls this policy “a frightening and illegal invasion of privacy” and I can’t say that I disagree. Keep in mind that this isn’t looking at what you’ve posted to a public Twitter account; the government agency here could look through private Facebook messages, which seems a lot like reading through your mail, paper or digital…’


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2 Responses to The Eight-Hour Sleep Myth

  1. David Spira says:

    That’s an interesting read. I usually get far less than 8 hours of sleep, and tend to stay awake through much of the night… like I am right not.


    • pochp says:

      Ditto D. Now we don’t have to get mad at people or things because we think they’re making us unhealthy waking us up. What a great relief this mythbuster is.


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