Celebrating Bin Laden’s Death -Is It Wrong?


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If you’re still unsure of your answer, this intelligent NPR article will help you decide. From a lady philosopher: “…If we have any feeling of victory or triumph in the case, it should be because we have succeeded in disabling him — not because he is dead.”

‘…Those mixed feelings get at the heart of the moral ambivalence of the moment: Of course there is relief that an evil mastermind cannot commit acts of terror in the future. But is it ever a good idea — from a spiritual or philosophical standpoint — to celebrate with beer and good cheer over the death of anyone, even a widely acknowledged monster?…’

Even Nature’s Living Tape Recorders Going Weird

The upside is that they might be giving clues to solutions.

‘From chainsaws to flute solos, the lyrebird can mimic almost any sound it hears. But eavesdrop on this magical bird, and what it is singing can sometimes be troubling…’

ETXT – Encrypted Text Notepad 1.0
Do you want to send messages only chosen recipients can read, e.g. bank account number? You can do that with ETXT.

With this tool you can write and share your secret notes with anyone on the internet or by email, on forums, blogs, website and file hosting service, only who have ETXT can read the text encrypted. ETXT can also convert normal .txt files extension to .etxt (encrypted text)

If you want to have an idea of how strict text encryption works, try using TrueCrypt. You’ll be required to make a 20-character password.

Pacquiao Bringing Boxing Back to Mainstream

The fight between Pacquiao and Mosley was so popular it ‘may position the sport for a return to mainstream relevance’ The Atlantic wrote.

‘People have been predicting boxing’s demise since Jack Johnson stopped Jim Jeffries in the “Fight of the Century” back on July 4, 1910. More than a century later the Sweet Science soldiers on, no longer a staple of shrinking newspaper sports sections or network television but increasingly relegated to the confines of premium cable, Pay Per View, and the Web. But the buzz surrounding Saturday’s superfight between Filipino phenom Manny Pacquiao and the viable-if-slightly-shopworn “Sugar” Shane Mosely may position the sport for a return to mainstream relevance for the first time since Mike Tyson faded from contention at the end of the last century…’

Here are five reasons why boxing may be ready to hit the mainstream once again:


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