Robots Invent Their Own Language

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It gets scarier. Now robots can do something that only humans and a few other animals can.

‘When robots talk to each other, they’re not generally using language as we think of it, with words to communicate both concrete and abstract concepts. Now Australian researchers are teaching a pair of robots to communicate linguistically like humans by inventing new spoken words, a lexicon that the roboticists can teach to other robots to generate an entirely new language.

‘Ruth Schulz and her colleagues at the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology call their robots the Lingodroids. The robots consist of a mobile platform equipped with a camera, laser range finder, and sonar for mapping and obstacle avoidance. The robots also carry a microphone and speakers for audible communication between them…’

Man Demonstrates His Bionic Hand

‘Last year, Patrick, a 24-year-old Austrian, decided to have his dysfunctional hand amputated and replaced with a bionic hand. He lost the use of his left hand after being electrocuted at work.

‘Here he demonstrates the extra movement his new bionic hand has given him, opening a bottle and tying his shoelaces, and tests a prototype hand which will give him additional wrist movement…’

Hot Issues Department
Video Games Creators Now Recognized as Artists
US Government Recognizes, Funds Video Games As Art

‘The Arts in Media guidelines replace The Arts on Radio and Television guidelines.

‘The Arts in Media builds on the success of The Arts on Radio and Television. All project types that were previously eligible remain eligible. In addition, the expanded category now includes:

‘All available media platforms such as the Internet, interactive and mobile technologies, digital games, arts content delivered via satellite, as well as on radio and television.

‘Media projects that can be considered works of art…’

One In 14 Windows Downloads Is Malicious

What’s more surprising is that ‘about 5 percent of users ignore the warnings and download malicious Trojan horse programs anyway.’ Most probably, these users are unaware of the existence of malware.

‘The next time a website says to download new software to view a movie or fix a problem, think twice. There’s a pretty good chance that the program is malicious.

‘In fact, about one out of every 14 programs downloaded by Windows users turns out to be malicious, Microsoft said Tuesday. And even though Microsoft has a feature in its Internet Explorer browser designed to steer users away from unknown and potentially untrustworthy software, about 5 percent of users ignore the warnings and download malicious Trojan horse programs anyway…’

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10 Responses to Robots Invent Their Own Language

  1. pochp says:

    Hi Vivek. Thanks for the link.


  2. Pingback: Now even Robots can talk with each other…!!! « Think Beyond The Best ®

  3. souldipper says:

    A friend’s niece fell under a train in Amsterdam ten years ago and lost both her legs. Thanks to a Haitian soldier who was trained as a medic in trauma situations and who happened to be in Amsterdam, he saved her life.

    When my friend told me the news, I mediated so as to do Therapeutic Touch. I was sitting in the wilds of the Canadian North. I was given a vision of this very type of prosthetic that could be operated by the mind. I emailed my friend with this vision – as a promise of hope and healing. I am overjoyed to see it has finally arrives. I have sent the link to my friend.

    The niece is a vital, gorgeous young woman who works in the film industry!!


    • souldipper says:

      P.S. Poch, I use Firefox. Is it truly less bombarded with nasty bugs? I am very cautious anyway, but wondered what you think.


      • pochp says:

        Firefox is safe but I found it annoying to use -it’s too heavy Amy. If you’re not a PC power-user, it’s better to use Opera or Chrome (I use both).


    • pochp says:

      Wow Amy. If you had a vision of this prosthetic, you could’ve predicted and announced it. Now I know you’re a seer!

      We have talked about saved niece before. Bless her.


  4. David Spira says:

    We really are starting to see a revolution in mechanical limbs. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think society is ready for the impact that bionic limbs will have.


  5. writerdood says:

    1101010010 10101 01001000 1001010 10010 00001010010 101001 010101010001 1010011

    Hah ha ha!


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