Massive Philippines Fishkill Due to Climate Change?

Taal Volcano (Batangas, Philippines).

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This news didn’t get my attention until I stumbled upon this headline: A ‘sudden’ climate change kills millions of fish in Philippines. I know there were weird weather changes in Manila. The summer heat which should’ve started in February started in April. Then the rains started too early in May.
‘Hundreds of thousands of milk fish washed up dead at Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas, south of Manila on Sunday, baffling environmentalists and raising concerns over climate change issues.

“‘About 500 metric tons (500,000 kilos) of fish, worth more than 50 million pesos (U.S. $ 1.159 million) were seen floating in the water in the six towns of Batangas province the past two days”, a local mayor told Reuters.
‘According to a local town agriculturist, the cause of the fish kill was a “sudden” climate change in the area.

‘The common perception of fish death is linked to depletion of oxygen in water, which is caused due to a number of factors. Gases released from volcanic activities often lead to poor oxygen levels in nearby lakes, but scientists believe that the deaths are not related to activities inside Taal volcano, which is surrounded by the Taal Lake.

‘However, they didn’t rule out the possibility of a sudden drop in temperature for the cause of the deaths of millions of fish.
‘Important seafood in Southeast Asia, the milk fish aquaculture is one of the major revenue sources of Philippines economy. Such a huge mass kill of fish has not occurred before in Manila, an official said, adding that it’s a great loss to the country…’ –IBTimes
Public warned vs eating ‘double-dead’ fish –

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A Kindergarten Class During Shootout
The teacher was honored for bravery.

‘In the video, the frightened but determined voice of a schoolteacher is heard as she attempts to maintain calm among a group of kindergartners lying on the floor before her, asking them to join her in a singalong as gunfire shatters the air outside.

‘The teacher refers to the children as “my love,” “precious” and “little ones” during the stirring clip filmed last week in the city of Monterrey, in northern Mexico. It’s gone viral, igniting once more a public debate over the government’s campaign against drug gangs and earning accolades for maestraMartha Rivera Alanis, reports the Associated Press.
‘The Nuevo Leon state government honored Rivera for “outstanding civic courage” in a ceremony today…’

Baby Survives 5-Story Fall
It seems that baby-plunge-surviving is becoming a fad. There were similar accidents just weeks and months ago.

‘A 14-month-old girl tumbled out a fifth-story window at her family’s Bronx apartment today — but is miraculously expected to survive, authorities and neighbors said.
‘There are no window guards on any of the six-floor building’s upper floors, sources said. Window guards are required by law in apartments were young children live.
‘The baby, Xania Samuels, was rushed to Jacobi Hospital with head trauma after her near-death drop from the building at 3230 Cruger Ave. in Bronxwood. She was listed in critical condition as of 4:30 p.m…’
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4 Responses to Massive Philippines Fishkill Due to Climate Change?

  1. Please check out the device we developed that can contribute to fish kill prevention in the ocean


  2. souldipper says:

    That Kindergarten teacher is a hero. When I looked at the video, you can see the trust and confidence her students had in her. Amazing.

    About the fish, Poch… Oh no. When nature is affected in such a big way, I am so saddened! Then I feel lost if it is because of humankind.


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