JC Dugard’s First Interview with Sawyer

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‘Now free, Jaycee Dugard revels in the simplest of freedoms after spending 18 years being held captive by Phillip and Nancy Garrido.
“‘Now I can walk in the next room and see my mom,” Dugard told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview. “Wow. I can decide to jump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. Wow, it’s unbelievable, truly.”
‘Dugard chose to tell her story in a new memoir “A Stolen Life” and in an intimate conversation with Sawyer.

‘Dugard, now 31, lives a life no longer dictated by the manipulation and control of her kidnappers. She lives with her mom and two daughters. And the simple things, to her, are now remarkable. Like saying her own name, which Garrido had forbidden her to speak or even write…’


250 Thousand Sign Petition for ‘Caylee’s Law’

‘One of the sticking points of the Casey Anthony case was the fact that Anthony never notified law enforcement that her daughter was missing, which led to her being found guilty of four counts of the misdemeanor crime of lying to investigators. Caylee was last seen on June 16, 2008, but her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, didn’t notify the police until July 15, a month later.

‘Oklahoman Michelle Crowder, who is a mother of two daughters, says parents need to report their child’s disappearance immediately, and has started a Change.org petition and Facebook page to ask Congress to create a law to enforce that. “Caylee’s Law” would make it a federal offense and a felony for a parent or guardian to fail to report a child’s disappearance to law enforcement…’


What Damned Caylee’s Case
Dershowitz: Criminal trials are not about ‘justice for the victim’
The standard is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

”This case [is] about seeking justice for Caylee . . .” So argued the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony murder case. He was wrong, and the jury understood that.
‘A criminal trial is never about seeking justice for the victim. If it were, there could be only one verdict: guilty. That’s because only one person is on trial in a criminal case, and if that one person is acquitted, then by definition there can be no justice for the victim in that trial.

‘A criminal trial is neither a whodunit nor a multiple choice test. It is not even a criminal investigation to determine who among various possible suspects might be responsible for a terrible tragedy. In a murder trial, the state, with all of its power, accuses an individual of being the perpetrator of a dastardly act against a victim. The state must prove that accusation by admissible evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt…’


Lab-made Windpipe Saves Cancer Patient

‘Scientists in London created an artificial windpipe which was then coated in stem cells from the patient.

‘Crucially, the technique does not need a donor, and there is no risk of the organ being rejected. The surgeons stress a windpipe can also be made within days.
‘The 36-year-old cancer patient is doing well a month after the operation.
‘Professor Paolo Macchiarini from Italy led the pioneering surgery, which took place at the Karolinska University Hospital…’


For the Record
130-Year-Old Murder Mystery Solved
An excellent example of old-fashioned detective work.

‘Julia Thomas was murdered by her housekeeper in 1879, but her head was never found, and the case was dubbed the “Barnes mystery” by the Victorians for the area of London where the woman was killed.

‘In October _ more than a century after the murder _ excavators discovered a skull in nature documentary maker David Attenborough’s back garden. He lives near where Thomas was slain.
‘Reviewing records of the murder and census records, and using radiocarbon testing, detectives connected the skull with the murder case. West London Coroner Alison Thompson ruled Tuesday that the skull belonged to Thomas.

‘She said that Thomas was unlawfully killed and that the cause of death was asphyxiation and head injury.
”’This is a fascinating case and a good example of how good old-fashioned detective work, historical records and technological advances came together to solve the ‘Barnes mystery,'” said Chief Superintendent Clive Chalk…’ –AP


Fukushima: Unit 3 Fuel Pool Video

This video, first released by TEPCO in April has been re-analyzed by Ian Goddard and it appears to reveal a handle found atop a single nuclear fuel bundle. This raises more questions about the
condition of any fuel still remaining in the Unit 3 fuel pool.

The reason why there’s only one bundle in this destroyed fuel pool is because the rest were blown sky-high…!



Tenderness More Important to Men than Women

‘Men need more cuddles and kisses than women, and if that weren’t surprising enough to researchers in an international study on long-term relationships, sexual satisfaction is more important to women in long-term relationships.

‘Researchers interviewed 1,009 heterosexual couples in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain. Participants, ages 25 to 76, lived together or were married at least one year, but an average of 25 years. The study, done by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, is the among the first to examine sexual and relationship satisfaction in middle aged and older men and women in long-term, committed relationships…’


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