Brand New Electronics Already Malware-Tainted

If you’re heavily dependent on computers and gadgets, you better buy reserves now and make sure they’re not already infected.

‘The United States needs to be more wary of computers and other electronics imports that could be laden with malicious software, according to a leading Congressional expert on cyber security.

‘Hackers are injecting bad codes into components at overseas manufacturing plants, planting tools to help them launch cyber attacks on the United States, Rep. Jim Langevin told Reuters after speaking at a cyber security event in Rhode Island.
‘He said the problem affects consumer electronics as well as corporate technology systems, which can hold secret corporate and government data…’


Winners of the inaugural Google Science Fair
It was a girl-power show. The top 3 girls:

Lauren Hodge in the 13-14 age group. Lauren studied the effect of different marinades on the level of potentially harmful carcinogens in grilled chicken.

Naomi Shah in the 15-16 age group. Naomi endeavored to prove that making changes to indoor environments that improve indoor air quality can reduce people’s reliance on asthma medications.

Shree Bose in the 17-18 age group. Shree discovered a way to improve ovarian cancer treatment for patients when they have built up a resistance to certain chemotherapy drugs.


Facebook Game Pays Out Real Gold
But only for UK residents, sorry.

‘The fantasy trading game ‘The Great American Express Gold Rush’ was launched on Facebook today with a prize fund of over £20,000, including the grand prize of gold bullion worth £10,000.

‘Players of all skill levels can compete with one another in daily trading challenges, buying and selling gold all over the world. The game will also include reality-based random variables to shake up the virtual gold maket. Players will have to keep track of local news stories and determine how they affect the prices of gold in each virtual city…’


Hunt This Unemployed Man For $10K
Calling all sleuths. This one isn’t for Brits only and this prey has his own website.

‘It’s tough finding even an odd job these days.
‘You’ll have to be a good shot to bag this wily woodsman.
‘That’s why Utah-area resident Mork Encino, who swears this is his real name, created the oddest job for himself.
‘Encino, 28, on his website, advertises he’ll be human prey for marksmen with $10,000 to spare.
‘It’ll cost you an extra $2k to hunt him in the nude.
‘He’s not worried about the steep price driving off customers.

‘“I’m looking for a true god[bleep] Money Bags, okay? 10K is nothing to these boys. They leave tips on restaurant checks like that. They drop that type of scratch just because. They’ll pay that money just to rub it in my FACE and show me how meaningless it truly is to the likes of them,” he writes on…’


Sun’s Call to Gordon Brown ‘Unforgivable’
Journalist Rebekah Brooks violated basic decency on former PM’s son

‘Accepting your child’s disability takes time, so imagine the Sun editor telling you she’s about to splash it all over the front page…’


Casey Anthony Will Live In Disguise Upon Release

If she was really guilty, she still have to pay the price of anonymity which isn’t a breeze.

This came from the writer’s source:
‘The mother of the slain Caylee reportedly is considering various disguises she can easily employ — to realistically alter her appearance. “There even have been discussions about cosmetic surgery, but Casey has rejected that out of hand,” said the Anthony insider, who says she believes “Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there.

‘“She’s fully aware of the various death threats, of course, but she thinks that’s isolated to relatively few nutcases,” added the source, who is deeply worried about Anthony’s well-being…’


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