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DuckDuckGo (DDG) is a search engine that doesn’t only maintain your privacy but also has a number of nifty features that make the search engine more useful. Compare DDG with SearchLion then tell me what you think.


Facebook Is Most Hated Social Media Company
How could the most visited site on the Net also be the most hated?

‘The report by the American Customer Satisfaction Index and customer experience analytics firm ForeSee Results measures customer satisfaction with social media, Internet search, and news companies. The report comes as Mark Zuckerberg hits television today to defend Facebook, and was conducted before the widespread introduction of Google+.

‘”Facebook is becoming the only game in town so there is no incentive to ‘delight’ the user,” said ACSI managing director David Van Amburg.
‘From the report: “Customers have shown that, so far, they have been willing to suffer through a poor user experience in order to enjoy the benefits Facebook provides.”…’


Acer Windows 7 Starter and Netbooks Tips

Because of the limited power and screen size of netbooks, there are programs and apps specially designed for it. Here are some of them:

Jolicloud OS
The operating system designed for netbooks and many tech experts agree that this is the best. Although it’s not as fanciful and extensive as Windows, Jolicloud would efficiently get your important tasks done.

SeaMonkey Browser
Firefox is just too heavy for netbooks so Mozilla created this lightweight version of Firefox. Opera is just as good an option too.

Taskbar Eliminator (TE)
There was this one app I couldn’t finish installing just because the screen was too small to show the install button. TE solved that problem by hiding the taskbar and enlarging the screen.

Screen Capture
I was using PhotoScape for screen captures then I accidentally found out that you can use the Acer Crystal Eye faster. Just type ‘webcam’ on the Start menu then click on crystaleye.exe when it appears. Then you can screen capture fast and simple.

Netbook Freeware is the best website for netbooks I found so far. You can find all kinds of programs and apps designed exclusively for netbooks there.


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4 Responses to DuckDuckGo

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  3. souldipper says:

    When I tried Search Lion a few days ago when you mentioned it, I found I like the layout, etc. I just checked DDG just now – with SL again.

    In both cases, I searched my name and Soul Dipper. DDG recapped which I think is good. Give me a portal, not a bunch of detail. I’ll go after detail if I want it.

    SL listed a bunch of different Soul Dipper posts. Good for me (exposure), but is it a waste of time for others?

    On the other hand, on my personal name, DDG came up with only a comment I made in a Face Book friend’s account. That was weird.

    SL, on the other hand, found my association with Soul Dipper and Twitter.

    I don’t have enough experience of the inner workings of the two to give a fair “vote”.

    I like SL’s layout better. I like the idea that DDG would keep my privacy.


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