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Here is a FoxNews story about phone hacking that one company is using as an advertisement
for their phone hacking software!

Phone hacking is legal if the phone belongs to you. Otherwise in the US, unless it is a member of Law Enforcement who is doing the phone hacking – after having been issued a warrant by a judge – this activity is illegal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


9/11 Reveals Psychology’s Shortcomings
Report gives humbling assessment of therapists’ work

‘The mental fallout from the Sept. 11 attacks has taught psychologists far more about their field’s limitations than about their potential to shape and predict behavior, a wide-ranging review has found.

‘The report, a collection of articles due to be published next month in a special issue of the journal American Psychologist, relates a succession of humbling missteps after the attacks.
‘Experts greatly overestimated the number of people in New York who would suffer lasting emotional distress. Therapists rushed in to soothe victims using methods that later proved to be harmful to some…’

Top 10 Lies of Science Taught at School

‘The mesmerizing discoveries of science have no boundaries. Science has revealed many facts about our very own planet earth and even things outside it. We are among the generations that are enjoying its fruits and the upcoming generation will be luckier than us. Beside all the miraculous inventions and exposures, there were lies behind some stories that we have been taught in school. I have composed a list of ten lies that I found biggest deception of science. Following is the list of these ten awful lies…’


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