Busting Protesters, not Bankers

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Wall Street occupiers being jailed when bankers are the real criminals: Michael Daly

‘…The list of greed-driven outrages went on and on, but nary a soul got cuffed. The banks apparently were also too big to jail. Instead of being locked up, they were bailed out. The banksters got even richer as the supposed recovery proved to be an illusion for those of modest means.

‘Unfairness added a cruel twist to suddenly finding your aspirations beyond your reach, as DiBenedetto did when he entered the job market with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in mental health.
‘“You would think with $60,000 in student loans that I’d be able to get out of college and make a good living and have a decent life,” he said.

‘He ended up doing construction work and picking up a few honest bucks here and there…’

OWS at Meetup.com

‘The group meeting platform Meetup.com is now assisting the protesters in their grassroots efforts.
‘“We were contacted by the good people at Meetup.com, who got in touch because they heard we were in need of some technical assistance and advice,” says a blog post on Occupy Together, a site linked by Occupy Wall Street websites and protest publication The Occupied Wall Street Journal‘s Kickstarter page. “Little did we know we’d go from listing 4-5 locations in one night to receiving hundreds of emails in a day. We were slowing the flow of information because us volunteers weren’t able to keep up.”

‘Meetup previously worked with activist magazine Adbusters, an early organizer of the protests, on a project called “buy nothing day,” according to Meetup VP of community and strategy Andres Glusman. Adbusters made the introduction between Meetup and Occupy Together, which ultimately decided to use the platform’s free organizing tool, Meetup Everywhere…’
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Karaoke Attacker Faces 7 Years in Prison

Be careful when inside a karaoke bar. It’s good enough that this old man only got a broken face. In Manila, you could die just singing My Way.

‘The incident occurred at the Naples Hotel on March 22. The victim testified that Collen attacked him after Collen complained about the victim’s karaoke singing.
‘One of Collen’s punches sent the victim’s head through a plate-glass window, the District Attorney’s Office said.
‘Collen was prosecuted under a section of the penal law that raises the level of an assault when the victim is 65 or older.
‘Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 26 in Ontario County Court. The maximum potential sentence is seven years in prison…’

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