Good Samaritan Threatened with Lawsuit

Web Application Security Talk

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Researcher who found security flaw threatened by firm he was trying to help
If this firm’s purpose for the threat was to keep Webster silent about his discovery, it surely backfired. What a cheap mistake.

‘After Australian security researcher Patrick Webster recently alerted his investment fund First State Super of a glaring, blaring security lapse – a lapse so duh-licious, it ranks at #4 on OWASP’s top 10 list of application security risks – he was thanked with a legal threat and notice that he just might be billed for the security fix.

‘As brought to light by Patrick Gray on, First State Super’s law firm on Oct. 14 sent Webster a letter demanding that he turn over his computer.
‘According to Gray’s account, First State Super threatened to track down the costs incurred “in dealing with this matter” if Webster does not agree to delete all information he obtained by demonstrating the flaw and promise to never attempt to access other member information again…’


Buy and Sell Time with Allthis
A great networking idea to get in touch with anyone that you want to
Allthis works like EmpireAvenue. With EmpireAvenue, what you buy and sell are imaginary network shares or stocks.

‘Imagine if you could grab 10 minutes of time with anyone in the world — your childhood hero, favorite musician or celebrity crush, for instance. Who would you want to meet and what would the opportunity be worth to you? Startup Allthis gives you the chance to realistically answer those questions.

‘Allthis is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell — using a virtual currency called “time credits” — 10-minute chunks of anyone’s time.
‘The idea, says cofounder Christopher Poseley in an exclusive interview with Mashable, is to unlock people’s time and make it available to others. “We really want to be the place on the internet where you can, in a trusted way, get in touch with anyone that you want to.”…’


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