EU Parliament Against US Internet Censorship

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EU Warns The US To Stop Censoring The Internet

‘What a world we live in… when foreign countries are speaking out publicly against American censorship. For a country whose identity has been built around its strong support of the First Amendment and free speech rights, to reach the level where others are condemning our own failings on free speech is really sad. The EU Parliament has adopted, “by a large majority,” a statement warning the US to refrain “from unilateral measures to revoke IP addresses or domain names” due to the “need to protect the integrity of the global internet and freedom of communications.” This resolution highlights both the practices prescribed in SOPA/PIPA… but also the actions of Homeland Security and ICE in seizing domain names. At what point is the federal government going to realize that these practices are completely undermining any claim the US has to a moral high ground against internet censorship elsewhere?…’


Facebook Spam Attack Caused By Browser Vulnerability
The problem is Facebook would not confirm which browser was vulnerable

‘Sophos’ Chester Wisniewski reports that Facebook said “…users were being enticed to copy and paste the offending JavaScript into their address/location bar in the affected web browser. The people behind the attack are exploiting a browser vulnerability that allows self-XSS, a shorthand in security circles for cross-site scripting.”…’


Eye-tracking System for the Disabled
It allows users with motor disabilities to enter text into a computer using eye gestures

‘This unique and worthwhile project was put together by a 17-year-old electronics and programming whiz from Honduras, of all places. The Eyeboard system is a low-tech eyeball-tracking device that allows users with motor disabilities to enter text into a computer using eye gestures instead of a physical interface. This kind of system is not unique – there’s plenty of eye tracking interfaces out there – but Luis Cruz has figured out a way to build the full system into a set of glasses for less than US$300, putting easier communication within reach of users in developing countries. He’s also releasing the software as open source to speed up development. Personally, I spent my year as a 17-year-old in a series of heroic failures trying to impress girls with my air guitar…’

A Belt that Warns Visually Impaired about Obstacles

‘The Kinecthesia belt has sensors and a series of motors that send vibrations to the wearer to indicate the position of obstacles.

‘For years cars have had warning systems to let drivers know when they’re about to back into something. What if a similar type of obstacle avoidance technology could be used to help the visually impaired?
‘That’s what two University of Pennsylvania researchers are trying to develop. They’ve created a prototype warning system for walkers called Kinecthesia. It’s a belt loaded with the following: a Microsoft Kinect infrared camera and sensors, battery pack and six vibration motors placed in the left, right and middle of the belt.

‘When worn the Kinect detects obstacles in your path. If the obstacle is to your left, the motors on the left side of the belt will vibrate. As you get closer to the object the vibrations get stronger.
‘The researchers want to make the belt as small and affordable as possible so that they can better serve the 285 million visually impaired people around the world. The technology might also be useful for firefighters, miners and anyone else working in low visibility areas in need of some good vibrations…’

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