OWS Day of Action Recap

New York City, Lower Manhattan, Zuccotti Park ...

Image by Vincent Desjardins via Flickr

‘Yesterday was Occupy Wall Street’s Day of Action, and it began with an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange. It was unsuccessful—the bell rang on time. At 3 p.m., thousands gathered in Union Square for the city-wide student rally, where representatives from NYU, Hunter College, CUNY, Brooklyn College, Cooper Union and the New School (Columbia University was conspicuously absent) spoke. Later in the evening, around 5 p.m., the student rally met up with crowds at Foley Square and started marching across the bridge an hour and a half later.

‘Nearly 300 arrests were made, but I didn’t personally witness police brutality. If anything, the police I saw were facilitating traffic and the flow of people in a helpful way, after which, a significant number of them gathered to occupy a Sabrett hot dog stand on the corner of Worth St. I did see, however, protesters directly antagonizing police by hurling words like “racist” at officers in the subway. Speeches of the day consisted of the usual mix of snappy chants, criticism, complaints and unhelpful, tossed off notions on how to fix the world. “Fuck internships! Fuck kissing ass!” cried one student speaker from the New School. However, many more student speakers pointed out tuition hikes and dire loan situations in an articulate, impassioned way. The celebrity sighting at Union Square most people are talking about is Anne Hathaway, but Ahmed Maher, co-founder of Egypt’s April 6 Youth Movement, also showed up and spoke in solidarity…’

Best ‘Occupy’ Photos
This one isn’t bloody like the next one

‘The web is flooded with images and news of tense moments between Portland police and N17 protesters on Thursday but perhaps none is getting more attention this morning than one of a Portland police officer firing pepper spray directly into one woman’s face.
‘The image, captured by veteran Oregonian staff photographer, Randy L. Rasmussen, has, as they say, become a web sensation and an iconic photograph from Thursday’s sprawling, yet largely peaceful, street demonstration…’

Bravest Bloody Brandon
This protester might be the most determined one

‘Brandon has been charged with assault and grand larceny for taking off an inspector’s hat and charging officers, according to the NY Daily News. He was treated at Bellevue Hospital but has since been released.
‘The Daily News also reports that Brandon was among the first to pitch a tent at Zuccotti Park in New York, and that he has been arrested four times before.

‘Hundreds of people were arrested during violent clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York this week. Among those injured was Brandon, a 19-year-old Romanian-American protester, captured in the image below, bloodied after a conflict with the police…’


‘Case Against Arroyo not Done in Haste’
The AP also reported that the former Philippine President was arrested in a hospital room. Issuing the arrest warrant was legally right but arresting her inside the hospital was a big mistake. That move only painted the officials as heartless and solicited sympathy for her.


Cain Say Occupy Wall Street is Danger to America

What he should have said was OWS is danger to US corruption. No wonder he is under Secret Service protection now. Where in the world do you see a politician intent on making enemies instead of trying to please people!?

‘Former Godfather’s Pizza CEO seems to be less involved in a race for the 2012 Republican nomination than in a race to offer one of the most inept campaigns in recent memory. Forget the quick melt down of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Cain’s damaging comments, his handling of the sexual harassment allegations in a way that suggests Mel Gibson was contracted to handle his damage control, and his decision to kiss off and p-off New Hampshire’s biggest and legendarily conservative Republican newspaper were PART of the gift that keeps on giving. And here is the lates gift: he says Occupy Wall Street is a danger to America…’

How Valid are Health Concerns for Occupy Camps

‘Watching the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march by the offices of Scientific American yesterday got me thinking about health conditions at Zuccotti Park. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg said that “health and safety conditions became intolerable” at the encampment, so he was forced to evict demonstrators and remove their tents and sleeping bags.  Hmm. Maybe. There have been reports of protestors coming down with “Zuccotti lung.” Of course, just about everyone in New York has colds this time of year.

‘So I’d like to do a little digging–call up a few folks who run refugee camps and humanitarian disaster sites to see what they do to try to keep those places healthy. If you have a particular expertise on the subject, you can call me at (212) 451-8815…’


Decrease Cigarettes Consumption
Cut Packs to 10 Cigarettes

Smaller packs will delay smokers from lighting up since they to open 2 packs instead of one. If a million smokers got delayed for a few seconds, that wouldn’t be small when added up. The move might not help smokers quit but it sure would decrease consumption a lot.

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3 Responses to OWS Day of Action Recap

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  2. IzaakMak says:

    Hey Poch, Long Live Occupy! Cain is a boob and cutting cigarette pack down to 10 is just an excuse to raise the price! 😀


    • pochp says:

      I’ve never seen such a dumb pol determined in destroying himself Mak lol

      Anyway, if that’s a covert reason, raising the price will help smokers quit too. Great to see you back and kicking Mak!


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