Farmers Join Occupy Wall Street

Why only now? This is an important move I was waiting for. I mean food affects all of us. Mass poisoning, whether gradual or sudden, intentional or not, could happen. In fact it could be happening right now.

‘As Wall Street’s corrupt influence on the economy has grown, the corporate ownership of our food system has hurt the health and livelihood’s of some of our most vulnerable communities. This Sunday, December 4th food justice activists and occupiers will be travelling from as far as Colorado, Iowa, Maine and Upstate New York to join together for the Occupy Wall Street FARMERS’ MARCH…’

Lessons from the Cain Campaign
Did Cain run just to discredit the Occupy Movement? He did that and as I expected it backfired. Now his supporters are blaming media. Isn’t politics an amusing circus?

‘In announcing today that he was suspending his campaign, Herman Cain positioned himself and his supporters squarely against what he called “the media class,” which many of his supporters were eager to blame for the candidate’s decision.

‘”This is your fault,” a Cain supporter told POLITICO’s Juana Summers after the candidate announced he was suspending his campaign…’


2011 in Symbols
You could get useful ideas from this

Bradley Manning Wants Obama, Clinton as Witnesses
Isn’t this a brilliant ‘legal’ tactic?

‘Manning’s civilian defense attorney, David Coombs, released the request for witnesses Saturday via a posting on his blog. The names of Obama and Clinton were deleted from the version Coombs posted on the internet. However, their identities are evident from the explanations of why their testimony would be relevant to the case.

‘The defense request alleges that comments Obama made about Manning’s case—and his guilt—during a political fundraiser in San Francisco in April represent “unlawful command influence” since the president acts as commander-in-chief of the armed forces…’


The Library Phantom
Here’s a clue to mystery fans: this phantom isn’t cash-strapped. If he/she is, this phantom can and will sell his sculptures for a dear price.

‘Ten were promised and 10 were found, but it’s still an unsolved mystery: who’s been leaving intricate paper sculptures across Edinburgh?…’

Public Awareness /
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5 Responses to Farmers Join Occupy Wall Street

  1. souldipper says:

    Oh, look…you wrote about the paper sculptures too! I don’t need Hunch with Poch in my life! I simply need to check your blog first… 😀


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