Twitter Bots in Tweet War

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Bots used against anti-Kremlin tweets
‘Thousands of Twitter accounts apparently created in advance to blast automated messages are being used to drown out Tweets sent by bloggers and activists this week who are protesting the disputed parliamentary elections in Russia, security experts said.

‘Amid widespread reports of ballot stuffing and voting irregularities in the election, thousands of Russians have turned out in the streets to protest. Russian police arrested hundreds of protesters who had gathered in Moscow’s Triumfalnaya Square, including notable anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny. In response, protesters began tweeting their disgust in a Twitter hashtag #триумфальная (Triumfalnaya), which quickly became one of the most-tweeted hashtags on Twitter…’


Top 10 Fake Movie Trailers

‘“The best movie you’ll ever see will never be made. It will exist only in your mind.” (James Cameron)
That fake quote from Cameron makes a relevant point about trailers, and is very appropriate since this is an article about fakes. A great trailer can sometimes promise an unbelievable movie that the actual full film can often fail to be. While there’s no time for characterization, themes, or any of that nonsense, there’s plenty of time for action, laughs, and eye candy. Given the way that we as a civilization are destroying our attention spans with the Internet, perhaps before long movie trailers will be the length of most real movies…’


Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Your PC

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