US Now First in Charity

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This is what Americans could be proud of. The better news is that world generosity is rising overall despite recession

‘The UK is officially the fifth most charitable nation in the world – up from eighth last year – according to a new survey by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). The survey, called the World Giving Index 2011, shows that the USA is the most charitable country, while Ireland is second and Australia third…’


A Small Victory for Rebel Chinese Village
‘Protests have been simmering in Wukan, in Guangdong province, since September and escalated after the death of a village negotiator in police custody.
‘Villagers had planned a march through police barriers on Wednesday.
‘But a senior official met a village representative, and villagers said some demands had been met.
‘The villagers say officials have sold off their land to developers and failed to compensate them properly.
‘They also want an investigation into the death of Xue Jinbo, who died on 11 December while in the hands of local police.
‘Police say he died of a “sudden illness”, but his family say he was beaten to death…’

Man Dies for Druggie Sibling
He ate his brother’s cocaine to save him from life sentence
‘A man who persuaded his brother to eat an ounce of cocaine after they were arrested is to be charged with causing his death.
‘Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, collapsed and died an hour after ingesting the drug as he sat in the back of a police car.
‘His 23-year-old brother, who was captured on a police video cameras urging his brother to eat the drug, has been charged with his death…’
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Novelist Threatens to Quit Over Piracy of Work

‘The Guardian is reporting tonight that Lucía Etxebarria, an award winning novelist, has announced that she’s going to quit writing. She posted the following update on her Facebook page. The original was in Spanish, so this is actually a translated version: “Given that I have today discovered that more illegal copies of my book have been downloaded than I have sold, I am announcing officially that I will not publish another book for a long time.”

‘Normally I would regret an author giving up writing, but not in this case. Etxebarria might complain about piracy, but she is also neglecting to do anything to stop it. She is a perfect example of why most pirates are frustrated customers…’


Is Your Job Killing You? [Infographic]
‘I have learned a few things from Human Resource MBA’s new infographic: stress is killing people at a astronomical rate these days, and these people are not doctors and lawyers. So it is no longer a joke, your job really could be killing you. I suggest we all take a moment to stop and think of ways to de-stress and how we can lower the stress of others…’


Send a Free Personalized Cartoon Video Message
Starting today, anyone in the world can create and send a personalized cartoon video message (in English only) from Santa to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, and share them through email and Google+. Watch our sample video below and create your own at


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