Internet Blackout Protest Victorious

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Senators Desert PIPA
But is OPEN Act taking their place?

Opponents claim that SOPA/PIPA would stifle innovation, limit service, and impel companies to monitor users. Would OPEN attempt to do the same?

‘…A third bill, the Senate’s Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN), authored by Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and co-sponsored by Cantwell, aims for middle ground by putting enforcement in the hands of the International Trade Commission, a quasi-government agency that already investigates counterfeit imports and trade-secret violations.

‘More than 4.5 million people signed their names to the Google petition…’

List of the Senators Who Now Oppose PIPA
‘Yesterday was, it turns out, a good day: so far, 18 senators previously in favor of PIPA now oppose it, seven of whom were former co-sponsors of the act. Here’s the full list of converts.

‘We already told you about the fact that Marco Rubio and a handful of other senators had changed their minds, but the list has gotten much longer…’

FBI Closes Megaupload; Anonymous Retaliates
Is this an example of what activists will do if ever SOPA/PIPA becomes law?

‘Online activists angered over antipiracy legislation in Congress as well as today’s indictment of operators of popular file-hosting site Megaupload attacked the sites of the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, Universal Music, and the Motion Picture Association of America, shutting them down at least temporarily, and were targeting many others…’


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